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🧸 “At Funkins, we believe it is our responsibility to instill environmental values in our children – and for us, it starts in their lunchbox.”

πŸŽ’ Funkins was founded after Lisa, a mom, enrolled her young son in a school that had a waste-free policy for kiddos packed lunches.

➑️ Finding it impossible to track-down a cute, kids’-sized napkin that was also waste-free, Lisa took it upon herself to stitch her own … and this was the start of Funkins!

🌎 The Funkins team are committed to producing high quality items that can be reused over-and-over again, vs disposables.

πŸ₯ͺ Funkins has been a leader in the waste-free lunch movement globally since 2011 and their efforts extend far beyond their product line:

πŸŽ’ The Funkins team visits schools and educational conferences to promote waste-free lunches.

🍎 In the past 12 years, over 250,000 Funkins cloth napkins have replaced paper towels and disposable placemats.

➑️ If 50% of the U.S. population used 1 paper napkin per meal 3 times a day, 164 billion napkins would be used over a 1-year period!

🌎 Celebrated Green-Acts:
πŸ’š Promoting Waste-Free lunches.
πŸ’š Hand-Me-Down quality = no need to but replacements for younger kiddos.
πŸ’š Low-Impact, Non-Toxic Dyes.
πŸ’š Encouraging eco-responsibility from a young age.

😍 All in all, Funkins is committed to making mealtime joyful, cleaner and greener!