234 Hunter St W, Peterborough, ON K9H 3V9

“Let’s eat without regret. Let’s love kale. Let’s embrace quinoa.
Let’s try new things. Let’s try unlikely combos.
Let’s eat things that are good. Let’s eat things that make us feel good.
Let’s eat and sit. Let’s be good to the earth. Let’s let the earth be good to us.
Let’s Eat. Energize.”

Freshii offers fresh and unique dishes! Not only do they stand up to the true meaning of FRESH.

Their Green Mission Includes:

♻️Packaging made from biodegradable corn and potato resin or is easily recyclable.
☑️Those bags we shake your salads in? They’re biodegradable and allow us to reduce our carbon footprint by 5 to 7 times compared to the most energy efficient dishwashers.
🤩Even our efficient store designs use eco-friendly materials whenever possible.