Ernest Cider

Ernest Cider
Ernest Cider

Ernest Cider is a certified B-Corporation In Ontario.

They not only have delicious cider….

But owners Steve & Michelle truly care for our planet 🌍

They carefully select ingredients, partners, & suppliers based on caring for our environment.

Here are some #Green Acts they have implemented to date:

1) ⚡Ernest Cider is the FIRST cidery in Canada to be Bullfrog Power- choosing clean, pollution free energy for their business, reducing 3.2 tonnes of CO2e emissions per year

2) 🐝Beekind Initiative: they support local beekeepers by using 100% local pure honey

3) 🐝They will be installing bee sanctuaries on site in the near future

4) ⚡They offset fuel usage from their sales team with Green Fuel from Bullfrog Power

5) 🔌Have 2 Hybrid Vehicles for their staff

6) 🍎Source apples, cranberries, cherries and honey locally from Ontario

7) 💧Do not dilute cider with water, which helps reduce water usage

8)💰 Donate a portion of proceeds to Pollinator Canada to raise awareness about bee health & bee issues in Ontario

We think all this is UN-BEE-lievable and we are loving their cider! 🐝