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Empathy Plant Co.
Empathy Plant Co.
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A sustainability leader in the plant-based protein space.
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Empathy Plant Co. is a plant protein wellness brand, they are a sustainability leader in the plant-based protein space because they believe the solution cannot be part of the problem.

Right now, consumer goods represent a third of our annual plastic waste! At Empathy, they dish out all-natural, “you-gotta-try-this”- tasty protein in a completely recyclable package that’s as good for you as it is for the planet. Excitingly, the Empathy team aspire to move towards a 100% compostable and sustainable packaging solution – this is currently in the works (more on this to come!).

Empathy protein is:
100% plant-based;
Naturally sweetened;
Non-GMO Project Certified; Nutrient-dense, simply sourced from Belgian golden-yellow pea and Canadian hemp-seed protein crops;
But most importantly; packaging is 100% recyclable!
It’s all-natural ingredients are rich in; All nine essential amino acids; Digestive enzymes and Curcumin;
Protein packed; 20g of multi-sourced protein, 2g of fiber, Omega-3 and Omega-6 in every 30g serving.

In addition to considered packaging and plant-based ingredients, Empathy have ditched the scoop! Most protein powders come packaged with a single-use, small plastic scoop for serving up your protein powder. Usually, these aren’t accepted by regional recycling programs. Even if they are made of recyclable material, their small size is often incompatible with the machinery used (because they fall into cracks and crevices and aren’t processed). So, instead, these land in a landfill. That’s why Empathy ditched them.

Empathy Plant Co. is for everyone:
“This is a party everyone’s invited to. Vegan or not, every swap to a plant-based alternative is beneficial, so we’re including everyone in our steps towards a better alternative. We’re replacing performative activism with real action, divisiveness with inclusion, and plastic packaging with plants.”

Empathy Plant Co are on a Journey to Carbon Neutrality through Sustainable Packaging:

With the rise of Earth-conscious consumers, many companies started slapping biodegradable stickers across their plastic packages thinking they were slick, but “compostable” and “biodegradable” aren’t interchangeable.

Biodegradable is an umbrella term for anything that degrades from naturally occurring microorganisms (think bacteria, fungi, or algae). Technically, even plastic is biodegradable, but the process can take centuries. That’s not cool.

Instead, compostable is a specific term for items that break down into valuable nutrients for the environment, even in at-home compost before being added to a home garden plot. We are developing completely compostable packaging for Empathy, but until the process is complete, they’re using recyclable packets.

Empathy Plant Co. is currently using a 100% Recyclable option that is still sustainable and planet-conscious, made of high-density polyethylene. It’s classified as Code #2, the second most recyclable rating. In Canada specifically, it’s one of the four materials most commonly recycled.

Not only does recycling limit the use of landfills, but recycling also prevents the consumption of energy and natural resources and the creation of new pollution when raw material is made into a package: “We believe we can feel, perform, and do our best when our food isn’t packed at the expense of the Earth. So, as the first of our kind, we’re serving all that in sustainable, recyclable packets that’s made for anyone.

This is an unpaved path; it’s hard, but we remain committed to Earth for it’s our home and there is no Planet B.” Welcome to the community, Empathy Plant Co. We look forward to following your journey!

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