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Elate Cosmetics
Elate Cosmetics
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Elate Cosmetics is a Victoria-Based Cosmetic Company.

🌿 Founder Melodie Reynolds has always been passionate about our environment and wanted to give the world an option to be both green and beautiful!
🌎 The products are made from a variety of clean & sustainable cosmetics that never harm the planet, animals, or humans.
💚 The majority of Elate’s packaging is comprised of FSC-certified bamboo, glass, seed paper, and recyclable plastic. While their packaging is currently 75% waste free, their ultimate goal is to become the world’s first 100% waste-free cosmetics company. Elate’s bamboo palette and compact refill system allows customers to choose their products individually to store in a reusable palette for ultimate customization and low waste.
🌸 Refills are packaged in seed paper, which can be planted to grow wildflowers. For items that cannot yet be refilled, responsible disposal instructions are available online to keep as much out of the landfill as possible.