💚 Looking for a stationery company that is eco-friendly, made in Canada, and gives back to the community? Look no further! – Meet Ecojot!

💚 ecojot is a family owned & operated stationery company that offers a variety of journals, sketchbooks, calendars, phone cases and so much more! They use 100% post-consumer recycled paper and they use inks and glues that are vegetable based.

🖊️ They have even donated thousands of books to kids in need all over the world with the Buy 1/Give 1 campaign!

🖊️ Being awarded the Ancient Forest Friendly and Order of the Forest Awards in 2012, Ecojot stands out as an environmental leader with their eco-friendly products and love for our planet! We think that is something worth celebrating!

💚 Carolyn Gavin is the artistic designer that illustrates all the beautiful artwork on every product they sell. Check out her amazing art here at the website link above.

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