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Doyle Plumbing Heating & Cooling

🌎 Doyle Plumbing Heating & Cooling is a Green Act Business Member in Peterborough, Ontario.

🌎 Did you know that a home with a water pressure of 150PSI uses twice as much water as a home with a water pressure of 50PSI? High water pressures = wasted water. Energy is also wasted heating this additional water that does not efficiently get used. This excess water puts an unnecessary strain on the municipal wastewater system.

💧 You can save this water, energy and money by installing a Pressure Reducing Valve on your water main.

💧 If you call Doyle for any services at your home, when you book if you ask us to check the PSI of the water in your home, we will do that for free. If your incoming pressure is too high we can write you a free, no obligation quote to put in a pressure reducing valve. If you call us just to check the PSI of your home, we are offering a reduced rate for that service, $125.00 plus tax to come check the PSI of your water system.

💧 Doyle’s Plumbing and Heating also wants you to be informed that no matter your drinking water source (lake, creek, well), the right filtration and equipment it can be just as or higher quality drinking water that those big jugs or small bottles have.

💚 “Most of the re-fill stations are Reverse Osmosis water. Simply, they push water though a membrane and only clean, clear water comes out.”
With a water filter, UV light system and an RO tap at your cottage you can produce the same clean water you have at home. All these pieces of equipment are winterize-able if you shut down the cottage for the season.

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