Dohjo Muay Thai

Dohjo Muay Thai
Dohjo Muay Thai
(705) 931-2011
342 Charlotte St, Peterborough, ON K9J 2V9
Facebook: @DohjoMuayThai
Instagram: @DohjoMuayThai

🥋 Practicing Muay Thai at Dohjo Muay Thai is a minimal environmental impact sport that anyone at any level of fitness can participate in!

🥋 Owner, Mike Doherty has been encouraging his athletes to be environmentally conscious in the gym and at home by participating in our quarterly challenges and using their reusable water bottles.

🥋 The gym is also equipped with large windows which acts as a natural heat source in the winter through passive solar gain and is a huge light source. Although he does have LED lights installed throughout the gym, so his energy sourcing is quite minimal.

🥋 Mike is determined to implement more acts of green within Dohjo Muay Thai and is in the market for a bike rack to make it easier for his team to travel by bicycles.

🥋 As a Green Act Member, Mike is searching for more ways to be involved in the green movement.