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💚 Since 2003, Diva International Inc. (Diva) has challenged the period status quo with the DivaCup®, a reusable, silicone menstrual cup. For more than 15 years our mission has been to improve people’s lives by revolutionizing the period experience.

💚 Sustainability is a driving force of everything we do at Diva. From our products, to our internal waste and recycling program to our office being powered by Bullfrog Power – we support investing in a better planet, today. By working with environmental partners that align with our own mission and vision we can have an even bigger impact on improving our eco-system.

💚 Diva is the first ISO 13485:2016 certified menstrual cup manufacturer and head office in the world, under the Medical Devise Single Audit Program (MDSAP). We are also the first and only globally commercialized menstrual cup that is government-approved as a class 2 medical device in seven countries and growing. As a result of this certification, Diva has paved the way for other menstrual cups to enter the market through its success in mainstream markets and commercialization.

💚 For close to 100 years, disposable tampons and pads have been disrupting our eco-system with chemicals, plastics and dyes. DivaCup offers a better way, an eco-friendly way, to period that is better for everyone. There are more than 12 billion pads and tampons used and disposed of annually. Using the DivaCup can divert the average amount of 240 pads, tampons and liners from landfills annually for each person that uses one. Although the US FDA does not require manufactures to label ingredients on menstrual care products, Diva discloses every ingredient in our products, so consumers know exactly what they are buying. Additionally, DivaCup’s packaging is 100% recyclable and printed using water and vegetable-based inks. Our packaging takes place in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, and we continuously work with our vendors to find ways of making business more sustainable for the planet.

💚 We work hard to turn doubters into converts by rebelling against the period status quo and we do this by advocating for menstrual health and education. We are period warriors fighting for menstrual equity through our social impact program, DivaCares. Above all, as environmentally focused citizens, we provide education and awareness to help decrease the menstrual carbon footprint. At our core, we are innovators, disrupters and boundary-pushers.

💚 Beyond our products, encouraging sustainable stewardship among our employees is core to our business practise. We offer several programs that elevate sustainability in the organization – beyond the reusable nature of our product. In 2017, we launched EcoDivas – an employee-run eco task force to make the organization accountable for all environmental sustainability initiatives. EcoDivas regularly host workshops, lunch and learns and eco challenges for staff.

💚 Our most coveted achievement in sustainability was becoming Certified B Corporation in 2018, integrating our commitment to be a force for good into our articles of incorporation. Our certification gives our staff the opportunity to attend events to learn about social, environmental, and business leadership and how these can be integrated into our business culture. We also established a B Keeper team which includes representation from all departments. Our B Keepers work closely with the EcoDivas to improve our B Impact score. Our EcoDivas committee won a Communitas Award for Ethical and Environmental Responsibility in Green Initiatives (2019), our Chief Operating Officer, Roxanne Law was recognized as one Canada’s Clean50 (2019) for her work in making Diva’s supply chain more sustainable and Dva’s CEO and Co-founder Carinne Chambers- Saini awarded the EY Entrepreneur of the Year (Ontario) – Sustainable Products (2016).

💚 Every action we take, no matter how small it might seem, adds up to a collective impact.

💚 By making sustainability top of mind in our employee culture through our product-line and EcoDivas team, Diva International Inc. is exemplifying what an impact business can look like, taking an active leadership role in climate action.

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