Demain Demain

Demain Demain
Demain Demain
131, Dorion St
Saint-Eustache, Quebec,
J7R 2N6, Canada

🌎 Demain Demain make reusable bags that are made from recycled water bottles.

🌎 Our RecyPUL™ is an exclusive textile, woven in Montreal, made from recycled water bottles. Food grade quality, theRecyPUL™ is BPA free, lead free, PVC free, and free of any other product you wouldn’t want to find in your lunch box!

🌎 These pouches are perfect for lunch boxes, sandwiches or snacks. To be used at daycare, school, office or while commuting. Replacement for single-use plastic bags.

💖 Demain Demain items are made with RecyPUL™, an exclusive textile, woven in Quebec from recycled water bottle fibers. This fabric is waterproof, suitable for storing food (lead-free, PVC-free, BPA-free). Zippers made in Montreal. Hand made in Quebec.

💚 Exclusive prints:
In all modesty, you will not find a more beautiful one! The designs are created by Demain Demain or in a special collaboration with Quebec artists.

🌎 Printing, lamination and manufacturing are done in Montreal and the Laurentians. The zippers (YKK) and labels are made in Quebec.

➡️ Option #1: Wash the bags under tap water and air dry.
➡️ Option #2: All bags are machine washable (cold or hot water). Turn inside-out for greater efficiency. Tumble dry if desired.

➡️ NO JUNK MAIL sticker for mailboxes. English version.
Reduce your waste by refusing pamphlets and flyers with a unique sticker.
Sizes: 8 cm by 8 cm Water, frost and UV
resistant for maximum durability.

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