Dairy Distillery

Dairy Distillery
Dairy Distillery
34 Industrial Drive, Almonte, Ontario, K0A 1A0

🌎 Introducing Dairy Distillery:

🌿 “Milk from 3,500 Ontario dairy farms is sent to large processors where the cream is removed to make butter and the proteins concentrated to make ultrafiltered milk used by cheese and yogurt makers. When making ultrafiltered milk, a sugar rich liquid called milk permeate is produced. Most milk permeate is dumped creating a strain on the environment and a disposal cost for dairy farmers.”

Dairy Distillery in Almonte, Ontario has created a solution and an opportunity with this waste.

VODKOW! (Dairy Vodka)🥛

😄It’s Mooooving the distillery industry.

With the help of the University of Ottawa they perfected a process to convert milk permeate into an unbelievably smooth spirit.

🌿Thanks to this process, anything they don’t bottle can be safely put back into the environment. By buying milk permeate, we will also help Ontario dairy farmers.

🌎 Vodkow is both lactose and sugar free. It’s subtly sweet on the nose with traces of vanilla. The palate provides a velvety smooth experience that fades beautifully into a sparkling clean finish accented by a hint of whipped cream. The spirit has character to be enjoyed on it’s own while versatile to mix in your favourite cocktail.

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