Chasing the Cheese

Chasing the Cheese
Chasing the Cheese
Phone: (705) 775-0525
Business Address: 330 Charlotte St, Peterborough, ON K9J 2V9
Other Social Media:!/CheeseNymphs

Julie owns Chasing the Cheese, a local business in Peterborough, Ontario that has been around since 2010. She has been exploring ways to reduce the business’ environmental impact.

For example, Chasing the Cheese:
πŸ§€ Sources cheese from Ontario, helping to keep emissions lower. There are small scale cheese products scattered around the provinces creating fine quality cheese and Julie helps discover them!
πŸ§€ Encourages customers to bring reusable bags for take-away cheeses.
πŸ§€ Switched to paper products and reusable bags for their take-out bags
πŸ§€ Searches for solutions to reduce the amount of saran wrap they use and are considering beeswax wraps for some cheese products to keep them fresh (still in discussion!) Do you have ideas? Comment below!
πŸ§€ Has indoor plants to help purify the air
πŸ§€ Carries products from local businesses, such as local wood platters
πŸ§€ Has just switched all their light bulbs over to LED’s!

Thank you to Chasing the Cheese for being a Green Act Business Member.
You can visit them at 330 Charlotte St in Peterborough, Ontario
πŸ“ž (705) 775-0525.