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Cardinal Plumbing & Electric
Cardinal Plumbing & Electric
(705) 745-1221
287 Noftall Gardens, Peterborough. Ontario
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Based in the Peterborough area Cardinal have shown immense dedication to reducing their carbon footprint.
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💡 Cardinal Plumbing & Electric belongs as part of the RAOG community due to our dedication to reducing our carbon footprint.

🌎 We are doing this through:

➡️ Our use of high efficiency products and vehicles.
➡️ We are a near paperless organization and provide green solutions to our customers to save them both money and also protect our landfills.
➡️ We install high efficiency toilets, fixtures, lighting systems and electric vehicle charging stations.
➡️ We can also perform drain system cleanings using only high pressure water without chemicals which not only restores your original system but helps to reduce piping and drywall from landfill.

💡 At Cardinal Plumbing & Electric we have always had a mission to go paperless and with todays technology we have nearly accomplished that. We strive in every situation to eliminate unnecessary waste through conscience usage of materials as well as promoting high efficiency products in all of our options. We are also moving to video conferencing for many of our initial diagnostic calls so we do not need to have additional vehicles on the road. This helps reduce our fuel consumption as well as our exposure to customers during the pandemic.

💚  We hope that through new technologies and conscientious business practices we may further reduce our foot print.

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