Aster and Vine

Aster and Vine
Aster and Vine

➡️ Aster and Vine was created because owner/artisan Erica Tjeerdsma was having trouble finding the products she needed from a Canadian supplier.

➡️ After a lot of research and finding some really awesome products, she decided to open a small fibre art supply shop.

➡️ Erica has been working hard to incorporate smarter green choices in her everyday life, so having a business reflecting that seemed only natural.

➡️ The majority of products available from Aster and Vine are either upcycled or recycled excess waste from the fashion industry.

➡️ Fibre art – any art – is an important part of life for so many. At times though, hearing about the process of making the supplies needed can make you wonder if it really is worth it. By focusing on products made from textile waste, fibre artists can get the supplies they need with a little less of the guilt.

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