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Ardent Earth
Ardent Earth

🌎 Ardent Earth sell an expertly curated collection of wares that take the guesswork out of sustainable vegan shopping.

🐈 All of the products in the Ardent Earth collection have been extensively researched and vetted to meet our strict guidelines. All of our products are low waste and sustainable; vegan and cruelty free; safe and healthy.

💚 Even with the rise of veganism and the zero-waste movement, we couldn’t find a shop that shared our belief that both should go hand-in-hand.
So we’re bringing it all together and trying to save the world, one product at a time. We encourage people to start small, assess where they create the most waste and see if a change can be made. Every little bit counts!

🌎 One challenge that we’ve faced is that since Natalie is also living with Atopic Dermatitis and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, trying to find products suitable for sensitive skin without fragrances and petrochemicals, that also fit our values, proved to be rather difficult. So at Ardent Earth we have committed to only selling products with safe and healthy ingredients, suitable for all skin types.

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