The Grocery Outlet

The Grocery Outlet
The Grocery Outlet
Short Business Description:
Providing a solution to food waste & saving you money since 1998!

🌍  Food waste is BIG problem – but The Grocery Outlet has been providing a solution since 1998, helping the planet and saving you money for over 20 years!

💚  They specialize in carrying familiar brand name groceries at low prices.

Many customers inquire where the product comes from and why they are able to sell it at low prices.

Here are answers and common problems in the food industry:

💡#1) The majority of the product sold is from OVERPRODUCTION

Example: Manufacturer A goes to the market with a new product, predicting they sell 100,000 units – but they only sell 75,000.

The other 25,000 can be sold at The Grocery Outlet for a discounted rate!

💡#2) Products that are deemed “IMPERFECT” due to cosmetic imperfections –

Example: Manufacturer B produces desserts for a major restaurant chain. The restaurant wants the cake to serve 8; however they were cut incorrectly into 10 pieces.

The restaurant rejects the cakes based on the size of the cake slices – this RAOG business member accepts them!

💡#3) Packaging changes / promotion material that is no longer current

Example: Manufacturer C does a promotional tie with a free product coupon, but the coupon is no longer valid – the manufacturer fills the product with fresh merchandise and this team can resell them.

💚 A huge thank you to The Grocery Outlet for helping solve this problem, encouraging reusable bags, and educating people about food waste.

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