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In 2008, Toni Desrosiers invented the original beeswax food wrap on two founding principles. Firstly, it’s logical. It breathes. If living food needed to be wrapped in airtight wrap the rind, peel or skin would be airtight. It’s not. Secondly, it’s inspirational. It looks good, feels good, smells good and fosters a healthier relationship with food.

Inspired by nature’s own peel, skin, and rind, Toni invented Abeego. The world’s first breathable reusable food wrap.

For 1000’s of years humans stored food naturally and in the 50’s we started wrapping, locking and sealing our fresh food with airtight plastic wrap in an effort to preserve it longer. What we didn’t realize then is food is alive and needs to breathe in the same way our skin needs to breathe. When we wrap fresh food in airtight plastic wrap it sweats, suffocates and rots and that contributes to the billions of dollars households toss into the compost heap every year. In America alone, 40% of fresh food purchased is wasted. Insane, right?!

Imagine the impact of saving 40% of the food we bring into our homes. Under that compost heap is a mountain of resources: 40% of the packaging produced and used, transportation and physical space the food takes up, the agricultural land and the time spent growing the food, the work of the honey bee, the water used, the nutrients in the soil are wasted!

Abeego Wrap is a simple tool that takes a powerful step toward stewarding all of our resources better. Every time we pit Abeego against the favoured ways to keep food fresh Abeego is victorious. Many commonly wasted foods like cheese, avocado, fresh herbs, vegetables, mushrooms are preserved longer than ever imagined when kept in Abeego. Wrap today, save tomorrow.

We see ourselves as wholehearted pioneers with a mission to Keep Food Alive. Our food wrap is breathable while protecting your food from air, light, and moisture, factors that contribute to food spoilage. It’s not only about reducing waste with reusable food wraps but reducing food waste by extending the life of your food. Think about a time when you had to throw out a vegetable because didn’t get to use it before it rotted. A lot of resources go into just getting a vegetable to market, plus the time spent to get it home, and then the time to purchase a new one. Being able to keep your food alive saves time and resources.

After customers use Abeego, we see them, time and time again, reconnecting with food and giving it greater value than they had before, breathing life into the food that breathes life into us. Through the simplicity of beeswax wrap, we hold space for those hungry to rekindle food-wisdom, explore greater preservation and aspire to a living-breathing kitchen.

One of our greatest challenges and successes to date is pioneering an entirely new category. From a home-grown innovation to an international sensation, the invention of beeswax food wrap resulted in the creation of a new category of food storage that is trending around the world. The growth has come with different challenges over the decade.

“At one time I had to explain to people what Abeego was. Now my challenge is convincing people who have had a bad experience with other wraps to give Abeego a chance. I have every confidence they’ll successfully save food with Abeego.”

Abeego is growing quickly and with fast growth comes bigger challenges that require our team to move with incredible agility. This type of growth causes everyone to stretch bigger than they’ve ever imagined. There’s an ebb and flow nature to adding new team members and again, agility is key. Mentors, coaching, supportive team members, a community of female entrepreneurs and constant reflection have helped Toni face this challenge.

“My best advice to entrepreneurs on the brinks of their own discoveries is don’t study the model you’re trying to disrupt too closely because you might unknowingly incorporate the same problems into your new idea. I never studied the properties of plastic wrap because I realized it was inherently flawed. Instead, I looked at lemon peels, cheese rinds and onion skins to develop food wrap that keeps food alive.

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