Consumers want real answers to packaging waste – especially single-use plastic.

Experts see Certified 100% Compostable packaging as the answer – and Club Coffee are answering the call: Innovations like their PῧrPod100™ single serve 100% Certified Compostable Pods show how this innovative business are responding to consumer demands with the right solutions for coffee drinkers and the environment, alike.

As a co-manufacturer, Club Coffee are entrusted to produce coffee, tea and other hot beverages for some of North America’s largest brands and retailers, many of whom recognize that their focus on sustainability and corporate social responsibility helps them support and achieve their own similar commitments.

These brands have benefited as Club Coffee have helped reshape the coffee market with industry-first innovations like their PῧrPod100™ compostable** single serve pods and their AromaPak(TM) Coffee System featuring Boardio(R) technology (which is made from sustainably sourced paperboard).

(Club Coffee’s, coffee pods are certified compostable for processing in commercial facilities where accepted – check locally.)

“Innovation, sustainability and corporate social responsibility are in every choice we make as a business." "Our own sustainability journey encompasses ongoing process improvements and draws on insights, innovation, and ingenuity. The results benefit us all – and most importantly, our planet."

Club Coffee is the first manufacturer to earn BPI certification for single serve pods. Diverting products associated with food residuals away from disposal is complicated, and BPI certification is a critical piece of the process, ensuring that items will break down in a timely manner in the appropriate composting environment, and not have a negative impact on the quality of the finished compost.

Club Coffee support sustainable and environmental initiatives in addition to their internal commitments such as: Grounds For Health: A Charitable Organization that’s committed to providing sustainable solutions for preventing cervical cancer in coffee growing countries.

Club Coffee are also one of the first companies to become partners in the Canada Plastics Pact.


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