Cheeks Ahoy create a selection of home and personal care textiles using all-natural fabrics including:

🧵100% cotton flannel;
🧵 Hemp;
🧵 & Organic cotton.

The products available? 

🌱Laundry bags;
🌱Cotton rounds;
🌱Nursing pads;
🌱& Napkins …  and so much more (seriously, there’s an amazing selection of reusable products available).


The company was founded after new mom, Leah saw the amount of waste that came with having a new born. While the family embraced cloth diapering, the mass amount of wet wipes that were needed caused unease. 

With that, Leah dug out her sewing machine and stitched a set of reusable baby wipes from old flannel bed sheets. This was the very start of Cheeks Ahoy.

Pictured above:
Left: Floral: Zero Waste Starter Set, Unpaper Towels, Reusable Facial Rounds, Cloth Wipes.
Right: Suave: Reusable Facial Rounds.

Fast forward to today and Cheeks Ahoy are flourishing.

The company has products available in retail locations across North America (and beyond).

A fun fact: Every.Single.Item is handmade in Peterborough, Ontario by a team of moms (and one dad!).

"Once you begin your zero waste journey, you will be amazed at what you take for granted. There is absolutely no need for the amount of garbage that we as a society create!"

“This has been and always will be one of the fundamental principles of how and why we run our business – to not only reduce the actual waste we produce, but to encourage and enable a shift towards an entirely new mindset away from excessive and wasteful consumption.”

– Leah Black (Founder & Creator)

We’re thrilled to have Cheeks Ahoy onboard as members of our sustainability alliance. Their committment to the environment is palpable and we can’t wait to see where the company grows next.

Learn more about Cheeks Ahoy and see more of their beautifully crafted zero-waste products at the link below.


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