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The Beer Store Becomes a Member of the Sustainability Alliance: Random Acts of Green


April 11th 2022

The Beer Store Becomes a Member of the Sustainability Alliance: 
Random Acts of Green

Looking to further advance their corporate sustainability initiatives, The Beer Store has become a member of the Sustainability Alliance: Random Acts of Green. Random Acts of Green is a Canadian social enterprise centred on empowering global and local action toward environmental sustainability.

“We’re pleased to welcome The Beer Store as a member of Random Acts of Green. We will work together to help amplify the important environmental work that they do, while engaging their team with new sustainable ideas,” said Jessica Correa, CEO of Random Acts of Green. “We look forward to helping The Beer Store advance their sustainability goals both internally and externally.”

“Working with likeminded organizations who share common values of environmental leadership is an important part of growing a community empowered to make a difference for our planet. We are excited to work with Random Acts of Green to leverage messaging on how to take environmental action whether by participating in our bestinclass deposit return system or by further engaging employees to help reduce climate impacts,” said Rachel Morier, Director of Sustainability at The Beer Store.

The Random Acts of Green Membership provides valuable benefits, including:

  • Unity to help companies stand united to fight together against environmental problems like food waste, plastic pollution, biodiversity loss, and climate change
  • Education to help companies stay up to date on the latest sustainability trends and initiatives such as Meatless Mondays, No Mow May and Secondhand September;
  • Leadership to help organizations stand out as environmental leaders by amplifying the positive and impactful sustainability work they are involved in;
  • Employee Engagement to help employees become more aware of environmental problems and encourage them to act with impact challenges and pledges; and
  • Awareness to help organizations gain visibility through various channels including: website, blog, social media platforms, and newsletters.

Since 1927, The Beer Store, a private
lyowned chain of retail outlets selling beer in the province of Ontario, Canada, has been recognized as a global leader in environmental sustainability. Their worldrenowned closedloop recycling systems and deposit return program yields an impressive recovery rate of 97% on the industry standard bottle. Customers of beer and other alcoholic beverages in Ontario are entitled to a 10cent refund for cans equal to or less than 1 and containers equal to or less than 630 ml and a 20cent refund for cans greater than 1 L and containers greater than 630 ml when returned at The Beer Store. Customers can also return associated packaging including bottle caps, six pack rings, wine bladders, and Tetra Paks. The Beer Store has long been a staple example of how to recover and reuse resources

Random Acts of Green aims to celebrate both big and small sustainable actions, like refusing single use plastics, installing solar panels, or in this case, recycling beer bottles. Their vision is build a community where both individuals and businesses feel empowered to take climate action. Over 130+ members strong, this sustainability alliance fights environmental problem like food waste, plastics in the ocean, climate change, and pollution as a collective.

About Random Acts of Green
Random Acts of Green® (RAOG) is a Canadian social enterprise with a mission to educate and empower people to participate in sustainable behaviours that reduce greenhouse gas emissions to combat climate change. They provide tools and incentives to help individuals and organizations perform and celebrate green actions for change.

About The Beer Store
The Beer Store listed 1,034 brands, which are provided by more than 240 brewers in 2020. Over half of the brewers listed are small Ontario brewers. It is a completely open system that allows any brewer in the world to sell their brands in any store they choose. The Beer Store is deeply committed to responsible sale and not selling to minors and people who are intoxicated.
More than 1.8 million customers were challenged in 2020 alone. It is also one of the greenest retailers in the world and collected more than 1.3 billion beer bottles in 2020 (a 77 per cent return rate) and over 415 million wine and spirit containers (a 69 per cent recovery rate). The Beer Store employs 7,000 hardworking Ontarians with wellpaying full and parttime jobs.

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