Green Acts Membership Program

Why become a member of Random Acts of Green

It’s simple: you join our community –

and your proceeds go to inspiring #green behaviour change.

Random Acts of Green was born to change behaviour and inspire people to take action.

Our Green Acts Membership program provides business clients the opportunity to tell one positive environmental success story every month (via our social media network) along with a few green tips / tricks that can be implemented.
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Whether you’re a bar banning plastic straws, an accounting firm installing a bee hotel, a wine store recycling used corks for bulletin boards, a restaurant building a bike rack, or a jewelry store recycling watch batteries, we’re your “green” cheerleader!

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The subscription-based membership program includes a sign to display in a business storefront. The value in the “Random Acts of Green” membership lies in the ability to connect to an empowering community or business owners and volunteers alike that are equally dedicated to telling their positive environmental success stories and discovering new ways to be more sustainable. If you can’t seem to get the word out about your positive environmental success story, product, service, initiative, or program, we are here to help! If you can’t seem to find the time to “go green” – we can help! And if your just feeling hopeless, well, you guessed it – we can help with that, too!

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 3.47.58 PM.pngRandom Acts of Green combines the growing interest in environmental stewardship with the explosion of social media into a unique platform for marketing my small businesses online. Jessica Correa’s social media engagement is compelling, allowing me to get my brands – and – in front of people who share my passion for the environment.

As an adjunct to more traditional forms of advertising, Jessica adds creativity and colour to my personal messages, and helps connect me with her followers (as well as my own) by sharing what inspires me to keep my businesses green.

Video featuring Jessica’s enthusiasm, and effervescent charm adds sparkle to a look ‘behind-the-scenes’ at what I do to be as eco-friendly as possible, in a way that draws the viewer in while effectively communicating the intended message.

RAOG advertising has not only been effective in expanding my own social media followers, but has also helped attract more clients and customers to my professional services and retail products.

-Sherrie Le Masurier, owner of Simply Helpful and Simply Natural Canada

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