Promoters of Environmental Sustainability

Random Acts of Green is a social enterprise with a vision to build a glocal (global + local) climate action community where everyone is empowered to take action together and promote environmental sustainability.
Our mission is to prove that we can all make changes that add up to make a big collective impact. With our out-of-the-box toolbox of actions you can take, our social media networks, memberships, website, app, and blog, we work to build a future where our shared home is protected.

We are a community

We are dedicated to encouraging and motivating people to choose greener choices. We provide products, services and specific tools to help both individuals and organizations participate in “Random Acts of Green”.

As a social enterprise, we use business as a catalyst to achieve a mission to encourage small changes that have a ripple effect. As a social purpose organization, we are a hybrid between a non profit and for profit. We exist where these two models intersect.


Our Story 

Our story starts with a light switch and one stubborn child who put her foot down.

She believed that the small act of switching the lights off would make all the difference in the world to help our planet.

As a young girl, she refused to eat her meals until all the lights were turned off in the household. Pretty soon, that small act was customary around her household and she slowly added a few other Green Acts to encourage. Her actions influenced her family – and she grew up believing that someday she could encourage more people to take action. One small act at a time, that little girl grew up to be our CEO, Jessica Correa.


And she set out on a big mission to prove that every small (or big) act makes all the difference. Today, she is joined by thousands of supporters who believe in the same things. That small changes add up; and that we can fight and work together to help better the state of our planet – for us, and for future generations.


Together with our members and the larger community of supporters, we believe that our seemingly ‘random’ acts are connected to a bigger cause. Random Acts of Green celebrates a community of members from businesses to individuals (like you and me) who are tenacious and will stop at nothing to make a difference.


Our story is one that underscores the impact of people coming together and creating a community of change-makers who can make a difference while challenging themselves and influencing others. Since given the green light (one they surely shut off when not in use…), Random Acts of Green has turned awareness into action and action into collective impact.


Random Acts of Green came to be as a result of our stubborn positivity. Big or small – we embrace it all. We’re here to push ourselves and help you do better, every day in any way. We may be random, but we are not without purpose.

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