Are you aiming for a sustainable holiday?

To many, Christmas is the most, wonderful time of the year. But it’s also a time when we use millions of plastic bags, throw out tonnes of packaging, and try to buy just about everything in sight. In fact, one study found that we throw away 25% more trash between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day than any other time of the year (yikes!).

To help you indulge the Christmas spirit and show goodwill on Earth, here are three basic strategies

  1. Choose local, healthy, eco-friendly gifts;
  2. Buy fewer gifts or substitute with activities;
  3. Give non-material gifts — services, art, fun.

Instead of contributing to all the unnecessary waste that occurs during the most wonderful time of the year, consider being kinder to the environment this holiday season and buying some eco-friendly gifts for your family and friends — not only will they appreciate it, the earth will too!

Check out our Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide below to gather some ideas of what to gift your loved ones this year!

#1. From Waste to Waist- A Belt Made From 100% Recycled Bottles

Are you looking for a sustainable holiday gift idea for the planet-lover on your list?

You’ve come to the right place!

The Jelt belt is the perfect holiday gift. The Jelt Belt is a flexible, low-profile stretch belt for work, play and travel. Their belts are designed with a flat, non-metal buckle and an inner grippy gel that grips to pants. The belts are comfortable, lightweight, and metal-free! 

Why are these belts environmentally friendly? These belts are:

  • Made with 100% recycled bottles
  • Packaged with cardboard, not plastic!
  • Supporting wildlife, water, land conservation, and healthy ecosystems through every purchase through a partnership with 1% for the Planet.

Jelt is a women-led Certified B Corp, which means that they do everything in their power to ensure that the impact of their business is used as a force for good. At Jelt, their goal is creating useful, sustainable products that help their customers help the planet.

From waste to waist, Jelt belts are a great gift idea for the planet-lover on your list. Check them out with the button below!

#2. All-Natural Dog Treats That’ll Make Your Pup Healthy and Happy

What’s on your pet’s wish list this year?

Probably the thing that’s on their mind every other day of the year – food!!!

Santa Paws is sure to spoil your lucky pet this Christmas. But how can you treat your four-legged bestie to a yummy meal while also considering the planet?

Let us introduce you to Earth Animal! Earth Animal carries sustainable, healthy, all-natural, delicious pet products – without the eco-guilt.

It’s okay if you’re not ready to put your dog on a vegetarian diet! There are many sustainable solutions for dog foods that you can implement in your pooch’s diet, like Earth Animal’s Dr. Bob Goldstein’s Wisdom® Dog Food. Their Wisdom Dog Food contains protein (G.A.P certified American poultry), vitality cubes, and fruits & veggies.

To make their Wisdom Dog Food™ right, Earth Animal has implemented many Green Acts into the production, processing, and purchasing of the product. These include:

  • Dedicating 1% of their annual net sales to mission-driven efforts that preserve and enhance the quality of life for animals, people, and the Earth.
  • Coordinating carbon neutral travel through Nori, a new carbon purchasing platform seeking to reverse climate change by investing in regenerative farming.
  • Implementing a program called Flex Forward– a flexible packaging take-back program to pilot a recycling process allowing for upcycling new pet products or closing the loop by adding recycled plastics back into the packaging supply chain.
  • Planting a community garden at their Wisdom production facility.
  • Using a custom-designed dehydrator to collect cooked fat and grease for other companies to re-purpose for applications like soaps and biodiesel.
  • Using “perfectly imperfect” fruits and vegetables that are rejected from traditional grocery and food service supply.
  • Implementing composting and recycling stations as part of a zero-waste food policy.

Earth Animal’s all-natural Dog Food is a paws-itively great gift for dogs and dog lovers in your life – giving the gift of health without compromising the health of our planet! Check out Earth Animal below to spoil your pooch this holiday season:

#3. Mittens Made with 100% Milkweed Insulation

Lasclay Mitts


Frozen fingers may be uncomfortable, but a warming planet is so much worse! It’s about time we get a hand-le on this issue by gifting your loved ones sustainable and ethical winter mittens.

Vegan mittens, like these mittens from Lasclay, are a wonderful eco-friendly gift for anyone on your holiday list. 

Lasclay’s mittens are made with 100% milkweed insulation. The tubular shape of milkweed silk fibers act as a powerful insulator and are naturally waterproof and antibacterial, keeping your loved ones warm and dry on any outdoor adventure.

They source their milkweed from organic farms, therefore contributing to the addition of more milkweed in the ecosystem, giving much needed habitat and food to migrating monarch butterflies.

Common milkweed (Asclepias syriaca), is a plant native to North America that colonizes unexploited fields, vacant lots and even grows on roadsides! Milkweed is a sustainable material because it is:

  • A perennial and indigenous plant;
  • Grown without pesticides or fertilizers;
  • Naturally waterproof;
  • Helping increase monarch butterfly populations;
  • 100% vegan; and
  • A far better alternative to synthetic or animal-based insulation, like polyester or down

And, as a bonus, with each pair of mittens sold, Lasclay includes 1 small milkweed seed packet for you to plant and help monarch butterflies!

Keep your loved ones cozy and warm this winter, while also supporting the local monarch butterfly populations- it’s a gift for everyone…. even the planet.

Check out Lasclay with the button below! 

#4. A Seriously Sustainable Vermi-Composter

Know anybody is crazy about reducing food waste? For a seriously sustainable gift that is a waste-management game-changer, consider a worm studio composter from The Box of Life.

Nutrients in our food waste can be conserved and returned to the soil through composting organisms such as wormies!

After they process their food, the nutrients they leave behind are absorbed by plants. Plants can grow to be more nutrient rich this way compared to with inorganic fertilizers, which are designed to make things grow fast, not strong.

This is truly a feel-good gift. It will help the recipient feel good by helping them to:

  • Save resources and, as a result, money
  • Improve the health of their soils
  • Reduce GHG emissions and chemical inputs

Kids will love this gift because, well, worms, and adults will love it because composting with worms is one of the easiest ways to break down scraps in exchange for worm tea to feed their plants.

Check out The Box of Life with the button down below!

#5. The Gift That Keeps on Giving- A Donation on Behalf of Your Loved Ones

For a clutter-free gift that gives back, donate on behalf of a loved one this holiday season! Every donation helps, and charity gifts expand on the holiday’s spirit of generosity.

There are many environmental organizations, like Fanimal, that are dedicated to making the Earth a better place.

Fanimal is a socially-minded organization focused on animals. They provide original content on a variety of topics delivered through web-based platforms, so it’s super easy to stay informed.

Every dollar goes toward the fulfillment of the Fanimal mission – to inform and mobilize animal lovers (aka fans of animals) so that animal suffering can be reduced.

By donating on behalf of a loved one to Fanimal, you are supporting:

  • The Learn, Earn and Return (LER) program- a 12-week fellowship that gives early- and mid-career animal advocates a paid opportunity to explore animal-based careers
  • Junior Fanimal programs- an online badge program to encourage young animal lovers ages 8-12 to create a lifelong respect and love for animals.
  • More information to inform animal-lovers about animal issues and ways we can take action.

And who doesn’t love animals?

There are many other local environmental organizations you can donate to, as well, such as Camp Kawartha, which will use your donations to creating a more sustainable future.

Check out Fanimal down below with the button!

#6. An Incredibly Warm Sheep Wool Blanket

Wool blankets, being soft, cozy, and warm, are the perfect gift for Christmas. They symbolize our sincere feelings and our best wishes for the person receiving the gift. 

That’s why we’ve listed our friends and business members, Topsy Farms, and their 100% Canadian wool blankets in our sustainable holiday gift guide.  These all-natural products that are a great gift for your eco-ethical kindred spirited friends and family. Topsy Farms has the goal to reconnect people with the land and animals, helping people to reflect on their environmental impact.

Wool is an incredible, sustainable textile and has many benefits, including:

  • Durable and resistant to abrasion
  • Reduces microplastics in our environment
  • Incredible insulator
  • Water resistant
  • Renewable and biodegradable
  • Sequesters carbon from the atmosphere

This cozy gift will be sure to keep your loved ones warm this cold winter season while also keeping the planet green. Check out Topsy Farms with the button below!

#7. Help Your Friends BEE Green with Beeswax Food Wrap

Bee the change with a gift that makes a difference this holiday season. Abeego offers many sustainable beeswax food wrap gift options that will spread the holiday cheer while keeping the planet green.

Beeswax wraps help to eliminate waste (never wonder if your cling wrap is recyclable again, or if it contains BPA or pthalates for that matter), as well as reduce food spoilage, two big factors in living a zero-waste lifestyle.

There are numerous benefits to beeswax wrap, including:

  • You can eliminate any plastic wrap and bags in your food storage routine
  • You can save food from the compost, no more wilted cilantro or moldy cheese
  • They are reusable for over a year. Good for you, good for the environment
  • You will forage a deeper connection with your food
  • It’s the easiest way to make global impact

From your green-living girlfriend to your humble home-baking husband, Abeego has wide appeal. It’s a gift they’ll unwrap the whole year through. Click the button below to check out what Abeego has to offer!

#8. Refillable Bathroom Products to Encourage Diverting Waste From Landfills

Let’s admit it- we all know that one person who has bottles upon bottles of plastic clutter all over their bathroom (maybe it’s you wink).

By gifting your loved ones plastic-free body care options, you can encourage them to free up that clutter, and pamper themselves- without the eco-guilt. This isn’t just a sustainable holiday gift – it’s a great gift year-round due to Plaine Products innovative refill service: Plaine Products come in aluminum bottles that can be sent back and refilled time after time!

The first of its kind and founded in 2017, Plaine Products is a certified B Corporation and a member of 1% for the Planet.

Based in Cincinnati, OH, all of their products are vegan, non-GMO, cruelty-free, biodegradable, color-safe and free of parabens, sulfates and toxins, good for the body and the planet.

Founded by two sisters, Plaine Products is proud to be reducing waste and helping stop the spread of single-use plastics.

As of December 2020, Plaine Products helped divert 238,000 plastic bottles from the landfill. We can’t wait to see how much plastic-waste was diverted in the year 2021!

Help contribute to the waste diversion and eliminate single use plastics from your bathroom: Check out Plaine Products at the button below!

#9. Give a Helping Hand to the New Mama in your Life

Baby’s first Christmas is so exciting- for both the baby and for the new mama! 

This Christmas, give the new moms in your life a well-deserved helping-hand by giving them a sustainable New Mama Gift Box from LooHoo.

This is an ideal gift for eco-minded parents focused on reducing harmful chemicals in their home and creating a healthy environment for their new baby. 

At LooHoo, they believe that anyone should be able to walk into their home and know that it’s free of harmful chemicals, and a healthy environment for you and your family to thrive.

The gift box includes:

  • 3 LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls
  • 1 Molly O Romper, 100% cotton, snap closure, design and screen-printed in Maine
  • 1 Laundry Stain Stick
  • Colorful heart or leaf felted wool decoration

This gift box is beautifully packaged in recycled kraft box with natural twine and recycled tag made from cotton T-shirts available upon request.

Not only this, but LooHoo donates to Soul Fire Farm with each Gift Box purchased.

It’s truly a gift you can feel good about! Check out LooHoo with the button below!

#10. An Experiential Gift- Virtual Wine Tasting

There are many ways to give the gift of sustainability– one of them is to give a gift of an experience rather than a physical gift.

The most sentimental gift you can give someone is time spent together and the memories that’ll last forever (AW!)

Brooks Wine, based out of Amity, Oregon, has the option of virtual wine tasting events- an engaging, entertaining way to explore Willamette Valley wines, from the comfort of your couch.

With all of the uncertainties of COVID-19, just because you can’t make it to the winery, doesn’t mean the winery can’t come to you!

Each Virtual Wine Tasting is custom designed for your group, family, or company,

Brooks Wine is the ONLY vineyard and winery in the world that is a certified B Corporation, a member of 1% For the Planet AND Demeter Biodynamic certified.

Not only this, but Brooks Wine is commited to environmental sustainability on their vineyard by:

  • Having a minimum of 10% of our total effective land base set aside as a biodiversity reserve.
  • Their tillable acreage is not planted to a monoculture- they maintain botanical species diversity via their cover crop rotation strategies throughout the vineyard.
  • They do not use synthetic chemicals to control pests or to prevent fungal, viral or other diseases.
  • They utilize mechanical weed control and no chemicals.
  • They maintain their own compost pile.

 What better way to celebrate your loved ones than with creating new memories? Check out Brooks Wine with the button down below!

#11. A Premade Holiday Bundle of Eco-Friendly Products

Do you know somebody who needs some well-deserved me-time?

What better way to show someone you care by giving them an excuse to pamper themselves!

TWIG offers eco-friendly holiday gift bundles, including this Christmas Spirit Holiday Bundle- ’tis the season to get into the Christmas spirit!

This gift box includes:

  • An 8oz Winter Woods soy candle,
  • A 4oz jar of Peppermint Mocha whipped body butter,
  • And a Peppermint vegan lip balm in a compostable tube.

This set comes ready to gift, packaged in a kraft box with kraft crinkle paper.

TWIG only includes products that are:

  • Reusable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Locally sourced and made

Gift boxes make gift giving easy by featuring a variety of items that are already nicely packaged, but ethical, eco-friendly, gift boxes from small local businesses are even better!

Check out TWIG with the button below!

#12. Encourage Connecting with Nature by Gifting a Bird or Bee House!

Bird and Bee

How lovely are these little bird and bee houses from The Birdhouse Nature Store?

Help foster connections with nature this winter by gifting a species attractor.

These handmade houses are both cute and practical:

This bee house is perfectly suited for both Mason bees and Leafcutter bees; named for the material they build their nest cells from (sand and leaves respectively).

These non aggressive bees are among the world’s most efficient pollinators. Handmade in Canada from white pine and sealed with linseed oil, this house is ready to withstand the elements. Bee block simply slides out for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Adorned with repurposed wine corks, this birdhouse will not only make sure birds keep visiting, it will also add some decorative interest to your yard.

The Birdhouse Nature Store, located in Brighton, Ontario has. a wonderful selection of bird-centric accessories which are great. for gifting.

Visit them if you’re in the area, or by clicking the button below.

Do you have any sustainable holiday gift suggestions? Tell us in the comments below!

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