Happy National Healthy Skin Month! Every day, more and more skincare products are hitting the shelves with a never-ending list of ingredients that most people can’t even pronounce.


Did you know that a recent study done in the U.S. found that in the 82,000+ ingredients used in our personal care products, 1 in 8 were found to be industrial grade chemicals?

These chemicals cause major harm to our environment, including:

  • The packaging of cosmetic products can take hundreds of years to break down in landfill.
  • Most mainstream cosmetics are filled with toxic chemicals, these chemicals eventually make their way into our soil and oceans, disrupting our natural ecosystems. 
  • Pesticides sprayed on the raw ingredients poisons our planet as they seep into the soil and make their way to bodies of water.
  • Turtles and marine animals are ingesting microbeads, wet wipes and plastic packaging which eventually blocks their digestive tract.

At Moor Spa, ethical procurement, fair pricing, and transparency is valued through all sourcing stages of their ingredients. The Moor Spa team frequently assesses their product line to make improvements everywhere they can and have been doing so since 1998.

After all, skin care products are only as good as the ingredients used to make them- what’s bad for your health is harmful to the environment as well. Even before it was “cool,” Moor Spa made cruelty-free, all-natural, and chemical-free products. Today we had the pleasure of reviewing some of their awesome products for national healthy skin month. 

The first product we were lucky enough to review was the Hand Sanitizing Spray. The Hand Sanitizing Spray is 100% natural formulation with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and their purifying Western Red Cedar Leaf Oil.

The first thing we noticed with Moor Spa’s hand sanitizer was that there was no greasy or sticky residue (which I’m sure we are all, unfortunately, familiar with!). It absorbs quickly and leaves your hands feeling incredibly moisturized (a great sign it’s helping in your mission for healthy skin!). Regular sanitizing is good practice to promote good health during national healthy skin month and beyond. 

Next, for Healthy Skin Month, we tried out Moor Spa’s Pure Moor Facial Mask. The Pure Moor Facial Mask is 100% pure vital moor complex, with no added ingredients.

“Believe it or not, this was my first time using a face mask— and what a wonderful experience! I lit a candle, filled up the bathtub, applied the face mask and let the relaxation kick in. There was a noticeable difference with the softness of my skin from before to after I applied the mask. The mask is exfoliating and left my skin feeling smooth and hydrated. This all-natural skin treatment skin really helped to revitalize my face, making my skin glow and feel fresh and clean! After using this mask, my pores look clearer and my skin is left feeling clean, but not dry or overly tight. Since it’s a leave-on mask, it couldn’t be easier to use— simply spread onto your face, and wait for the magic to happen. The mask only takes 3 minutes to dry, so it is great for if you’re on a time budget! I highly recommend this face mask— it left my skin feeling bright, refreshed and healthy, and what more can you ask for with a face mask?”

TIP: Use a dark towel when creating your spa experience, as the mask is made of clay and may stain anything that is lightly coloured!

Moor Spa’s company-wide goal in 2021 is to INSPIRE, EDUCATE, and GIVE BACK.

Giving back included strengthening their commitment to the environment by launching an initiative with One Tree Planted. So far, 500 trees have been planted along the BC coastline.

With the limited edition Kelzyme Cleansing Bar launching this October, their mission is to further build on their promise to give back. With every bar sold, Moor Spa commits to planting a tree.

Kelzyme is an all-natural, fossilized, calcified kelp deposit extracted from an ancient seabed over a hundred feet below the ground in Nevada.

We are excited to test out their Kelzyme Bar. Moor Spa’s Kelzyme Bar consists of over 70% calcium in a highly bio-available form; over 70 trace minerals including magnesium, potassium, sodium, manganese, selenium, phosphorus, and iodine; and a wealth of life enhancing enzymes.

“The first thing I noticed about the Kelzyme soap bar was the smell—Earthy, natural, simple, and refreshing. Using the soap left my hands feeling clean, without drying out my skin. My skin felt significantly more hydrated and moisturized. Since this soap is from 100% natural sources, it was gentle to use. I normally have sensitive skin to soaps, but the Kelzyme soap did not cause any skin irritation. The soap lathers well, creating lots of suds! The natural minerals within the soap gave the feeling of healthy skin. I definitely recommend this soap for sensitive-skin types!”

Did you know that Moor Spa commits to MANY other Green Acts as well?
Check out their top 8 Green Acts:

1. Moor Spa is certified:

  • Leaping Bunny (no animal-testing done with Moor Spa products)
  • CertClean (Moor Spa products are free of potentially harmful ingredients, such as carcinogens, and chemicals)
  • Green Spa Network (a non-profit trade association that provides education, resources and gatherings for the spa and wellness industry)

2. Moor Spa partnered with the UK-based company, Symphony Environmental, which provides fully biodegradable packaging for their skin care products. Rather than taking over 500 years to decompose, their packaging biodegrades in as little as 6 months both on land and in the ocean.

3. Moor Spa strengthened their commitment to the environment by launching an initiative with One Tree Planted. So far, 500 trees have been planted along the B.C. coastline.

4. They are quite proud of converting all of our company vehicles to greener options this year.

5. Moor Spa is unique in the sense that they manufacture ALL of their products in-house. This means they are able to monitor the quality and integrity of their products down to every specific batch. As a company that is proudly from B.C., they constantly look for better ways to source their products and help local businesses. The seaweed in their Seaweed Body Mask and black tourmaline in their Gemstone Body Mask are sourced from a local business on Vancouver Island. Their essential oils are procured from a local business just 45 minutes away from their manufacturing location. They are always looking to reduce waste and minimize their eco-footprint any way possible!

6. Their packages are shipped out with 100% earth-friendly packing peanuts made from corn and can be washed down the sink with just water.

Moor Spa Packaging

7. One incredibly unique product developed by Moor Spa is their waterless body masks; this allows spa professionals to save water by eliminating the need for a shower for removal, along with water and energy wasted with the washing and drying of towels.

8. Finally, Moor Spa believes providing accessible and engaging education is a key to their company’s success. They have actively been working on opportunities to be more impactful through hosting Ocean Shoreline cleanup events with elementary schools.

We hope you enjoyed reading these reviews as much we enjoyed trying out Moor Spa’s wonderful products for National Healthy Skin Month!

What do you think? Will you give these a try?

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