The Heat Pump – Making the Energy Efficient Change for Your Home!

There are many options available to heat our homes ranging from boilers, electric baseboard, gas furnaces, and now the common energy efficient choice of heat pumps.

Heat pumps provide comfort all year round, heating, cooling and dehumidifying your home. Using compression, copper coils and refrigerant, it’s the new, more efficient way of providing comfort.

Heat and Cool the Green Way!

Read on to learn the different types available and the benefits of installing a heat pump for your home. 

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Types of Heat Pumps:

There are two commonly installed heat pumps – these vary depending on the age and construction of the home.

Ductless systems
are installed in homes heating with baseboards, hot water, wood heat or older-style hot radiators. The indoor unit is installed wall-mounted, and have the option to heat and cool.
These units connect to
a condenser unit outside your home, and the indoor unit can be installed anywhere to accommodate interior design, such as high up near the ceiling.

The ductless unit is usually a backup and works with the current heating
system in the home. These are more efficient due to variable speed technology, which is not usually found in methods of heating used in ductwork such as a gas furnace.

heat pumps are found in homes that have traditional forced air, and are integrated as the backup heat source. Taking advantage of the existed ductwork and forced air, it distributes the heated or cooled air throughout the home.

The option of adding to the existing method of heat is available,
and the current type (furnace or electric) can become the backup method for heating, leaving the heat pump the primary source.

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Benefits of a Heat Pump

 Here are some of the many benefits of installing a heat pump

1. Save money and energy – heat pumps are twice as efficient compared to traditional methods. Many contractors provide rebates when installing a new heat pump as well as an incentive to moving to a more environmentally friendly way of heating and cooling the home.

2. Clean – heat pumps also clean the air through the home and reduce fuel storage (like oil or propane) on the property.

3. Stay cool – providing both heating and cooling, heat pumps multi task unlike a boiler or furnace. They have the added bonus of dehumidifying the home on muggy days.

4. Less maintenance – about once a year parts of a heat pump need to be checked which can be completed by the homeowner. Technicians are required for installation and cleaning, otherwise the maintenance is straightforward.

5. Long life-span – with good care and proper use, some heat pumps can last on average 14-15 years. This creates a great return on investment selling a home, or just with the savings on energy costs.

In 2021, the government launched new programs to Canadians, with grants of up to $5,600 in energy-saving home upgrades. Between rebates from manufacturers, the government and some contractors, switching to the more efficient heat pump in your home gives you more control, and a better feeling knowing your home’s carbon footprint is reduced!

Watch this video below to lean more about heat pumps in Canada.

Installing a heat pump is one of the actions in our Race to Retrofit Challenge!

Created in partnership with the Ottawa Energy Collective, this challenge asks you to take charge of your energy habits with 10 actions to get you started. 

You can even log this Green Act on our Mobile App.  Quantify your impact and learn how your actions help reduce CO2 emissions.


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