Environmental activities are a great way to engage children in sustainability – connecting kids with nature and the environment is key.

We hope that these ideas help spurn an interest in the great outdoors (you might even learn something, too 😉 ).

Collect Fall Leaves!

This creative kids art project (inspired by ideiipodelki) is a great way to engage your kids with nature for several reasons:

Learn about the leaves as you collect them. What kind of trees are they from? Learn about the shapes and how to identify each leaf.
Create a variety of animals, birds and aquatic life and learn fun facts about them as you go.

Can you find …

Make some fun nature frames and pause to appreciate all the small and wonderful things around you!

All you need is a repurposed piece of cardboard or paper, cut the shape of your frame and let your curiosity lead you.

Thanks to @ourcuriousplay for sharing this sweet idea for a colour hunt activity.

Inspired teaching = Inspired learning!

Consider a nature school! Most offer day, weekend, week or seasonal programming.

For example: Our friends at Camp Kawartha provide engaging, educational programs which feature hands-on activities, drama, storytelling and active games. Based in Ontario, Canada — their educators (many teacher-trained), share a lifetime commitment to excellence in education in the outdoors. They combine a wide range of knowledge and experience in natural and environmental science, Canadian history, outdoor living skills, and adventure learning.

You can learn more about Camp Kawartha and their myriad of diverse, seasonal classes (60+!) at the ‘Visit Camp Kawartha here!‘ button below.

In addition to phenomenal in-person teaching: Camp Kawartha’s Executive Director, Jacob Rodenburg, hosts a fantastic nature series as he explores nature and shares activities that you can try with your families at home!


Click the Nature Notes button below for ideas and inspiration!

Learn about shapes and matching with the fourth in our list of our environmental activities!

We love this idea from Little Pine Learners. It’s one of the easier organize activities for kids, and it’s for all ages! Use some old card and draw looses shapes, then collect some rocks and stones and try to match them up.


Grab some colouring pencils and paper and head outside …

Sit on your balcony, head to the local park, or set up in your yard and log bird activity. 

Draw the birds, make notes of their song and count how many of each you see. 

If you’re unsure of a type of bird, take as many notes as possible and look it up when you get home!

Better still, hang a bird feeder in your yard to draw in your native feathered friends and maximize your chances of a successful afternoons bird journaling.

We hope that these easy to organize outdoor, environmental activities help you and your family reconnect with nature a little. Do you have any fun family faves you’d like to add to this list? Let us know!

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