Looking to make your back to school more green this year?

We’ve got you covered!

In this blog we will be sharing with you ways in which you can reduce your waste and be your best green self when going or sending your young ones back to school.

Green Tip #1 – Reusable Water bottles

A reusable water bottle not only aids in reducing the consumption of single waste plastics it is also a great way to stay hydrated on the go, since it will keep your drinking water nice and cool for the day.

Tree Tribe have some awesome reusable water bottles that are perfect for the job!

 Tree Tribe is an outdoor lifestyle brand that is focused on protecting and giving back to the environment through premium durable outdoor products.

Their goal is to spread positive energy and build a thriving community to inspire a stronger connection with the Earth, while inspiring more businesses to give back to social causes.

They have everything from reusable cups, mugs and straws to leaf leather bags and wallets to clothing and even masks!

For every sale Tree tribe makes a tree is planted and so far they have been able to successfully plan over 450,000 of them – Pretty awesome don’t you think?

Tree tribe’s outdoor products are expertly designed for your next adventure – Going back to school.

To learn more about them click the button below!

Green Back to School Tip #2 – Go Thrifting!

Let’s steer away from fast fashion companies that produce and encourage massive amounts of waste.

Instead buy preloved items or new items made from recycled materials!

Our business members at Mini-Cycle do just that – Mini-Cycle offers new and preloved clothes 0 to 10 years old and guarantees to buy back everything once the kids outgrow their clothes.

They promise to:

REUSE – Mini-Cycle products come with a BUY-BACK guarantee, thereby ensuring that nothing is wasted. Shipping to send back items is FREE.

RECYCLE: Products that are built so that at the end of their useful life all parts can be recycled properly.

RENEW: At the end of the useful life of Mini-Cycle clothes, customers are encouraged to return their garments for a symbolic amount, so that their team can work its magic and renew them.

REINVENT: Two of their suppliers use fabric made from recycled plastic bottles (PET). So instead of sending plastic bottles to the landfill where they will contribute to ghg emissions, they are reused to make beautiful, durable fabric for bathing suits (Les Petites Natures), Outerwear (Faire Child) and many other applications.

To learn more about Mini-Cycle click the button below!

Green  Tip #3 – Compostable Coffee Pods

We all know early mornings and coffee pretty much come hand in hand whether it’s to help you get through your morning lecture or to help you get everyone up and ready for school.

That’s why we think you’ll love our members at Club Coffee, they’ve mastred the art of wasteless single serve coffee.

Club Coffee’s Coffee pods are:

100% Fully certified compostable pods by Biodegradable Products Institute

Broken down in commercial composting in as little as 5 weeks

Developed with plant-based materials – you aren’t drinking out of plastic

Proven by 3rd party academic research (York University) to be better than recyclable K-cups from environmental, economic and technical perspectives

Designed conveniently : no need to take apart your pod before you put it in a green bin. It’s designed to break down together.

Every eco-friendly coffee lovers dream right?

To read more about Club Coffee click the button below!

Green Back to School Tip #4 – Reusable Napkins

We all know meal and snack times can get messy so this is another great way to reduce the use of single waste items!

Another one of our awesome business members Funkins is committed to making meal-time more joyful, cleaner and greener!

Funkins are a wonderful complement to school waste-free lunch programs, helping to cut down on paper waste. Bright and cheerful, Funkins are made of joyful patterns your little ones will love.

They are:

High quality fabrics, durable, Funkins reusable cloth placemats are made of pure 100% cotton fabrics that machine wash beautifully and are long lasting.

Double-ply, reversible, absorbent placemats are made of 2 layers of thick cotton fabric that absorb messes and provide a great barrier for public eating surfaces.

Sized perfectly for kids, at 15″x13″, Funkins placemats are a perfect fit for lunch bags, school lunch tables, little laps, and children’s tables at home.

Earth-friendly, reusable, Funkins can be used year after year, making these adorable placemats a smart alternative to toss away, harsh paper towels, paper napkins and baby wipes. Teach your children to care for our earth and save your family money by switching to reusable cloth placemats.

Safe for your family, all Funkins fabrics are CPSIA compliant, non-toxic, lead and phthalate free.

Award-winning, trusted family-owned brand, Funkins were created by a Mom on a mission to reduce lunchtime waste, and are a Parent Tested Parent Approved award winning product.

Checkout Funkins and their array of zero-waste kids lunch products at the button below!


Green Tip #5 – Reusable Produce and Bulk Food Bags

Ditch the disposables and invest in sturdy, long-wearing reusable produce bags and bulk bags from Garden of Eden Reusables

Whether your trying to keep food fresh for school meal prep or simply want a reusable bag to put your kids healthy snacks in to take with them – The bags will get the job done!

The reusable produce bags will transport your food in style with the added bonus of being able to wash your veggies while they’re still in the bag!

The cotton bulk food bags can be used for produce as easily as they can for dried beans or flour.

Bonus: produce stored in your fridge inside these bags still gets air circulation (as opposed to suffocating in plastic) which means food doesn’t rot which also means less food waste!

Sounds pretty great right? For more information on Garden of Eden Reusables click the button below!

Feel free to share with us other ways in which you make your time at school more green – We’d LOVE to see them!


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