Stop and check your ceiling fan direction right now.

Did you know the direction of your ceiling fan should change with the seasons?

Find out below the reasons why and a handy tip for remembering!

ceiling fan direction

Remember this rule for the ceiling fan direction.


Cool down in the summer, warm up in the winter!


In general, turn a fan counterclockwise quickly to blow air straight down during the summer months for a cooling breeze. 

In the winter, set a fan to turn clockwise to help redistribute the hot air that rises and accumulates around the ceiling.

It may seem counterintuitive to have a fan on in the winter but the gentle updraft can help make efficient use of the heat generated by the furnace and trapped at the ceiling.  

When the seasons change, so should the direction of your ceiling fans. 😉

Look for a switch on the side of the fan base or the remote to change directions. 

Having a fan to keep you cool is one way you can be more energy efficient (and save money).

Are you a fan?😜 We are!!

 ☀️ As the temperatures heat up in the summer, the use of air conditioning also increases.

Cooling our homes use a lot of energy, not to mention a lot of money being spent on this energy use.

According to the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) “Future of Cooling” report, there were 1.6 billion air conditioning units in use around the world in 2018.

The power required to keep electric fans and air conditioners running accounts for 20% of global electricity use.

Projections anticipate that the demand for air conditioners will triple by 2050. This is equivalent to adding 10 new air conditioners every second for the next 30 years.

To reduce the energy demand for air conditioners, users should install programmable thermostats and actually implement their features.  Programmable thermostats can help lower electricity use, but surprisingly they are often not optimized even when present.

According to the Energy Information Administration, nearly two-thirds of all homes with central air conditioning and a programmable thermostat installed do not actually program the thermostat.

Learn more about the importance of choosing the right air conditioner from our community member Doyle Home Services.

ceiling fan direction air conditioning environment


🌡 The world is getting hotter.


As average global temperatures rise, so too does the probability of more extreme hot temperature anomalies, resulting in earlier, longer and more frequent heatwaves.

We must consider how these events disproportionately affect marginalized vulnerable peoples who have little access to resources particularly in cities where built environments magnify heat exposure.

Heatwaves have multiple cascading social, ecological and economic implications in the immediate and long term. This includes heat-related illness and death, water shortages, smaller harvests for farmers, failure of power girds, reduce plant growth and accelerate glacier melt. (Source: FutureEarth)

Climate change is happening right now. This is not a future problem. We are experiencing the impacts of it today.


See below for tips on how to stay cool during an extreme heatwave *without air conditioning!

ceiling fan direction tips on staying cool

We hope these tips help you stay cool without the use of air conditioning!


Explore more energy- efficiency insights in our recent blog “How fireflies inspired energy-efficient lights

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