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5 Best Plastic-Free Products To Try This Summer!

One plastic piece? “Oh well” you say. Your small choice you made that day, Will be here forever to stay. It doesn’t just go away… And you have the power to act today.

Did you know that globally, ONLY 9% of all plastic waste ever produced has been recycled?

The remainder sits in landfills or is left to the natural environment, much of which eventually enters our oceans. It’s said by 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than sea life.

The lifespan of plastics is shocking:

😞 Plastic bottles can take up to 450 years to breakdown.
😞 Plastic toothbrushes can take up to 500 years to breakdown.
😞 Plastic-based, disposable diapers can take up to 500 years to breakdown.
😞 Plastic bags take up to 1,000 years to breakdown.

So how can we, as consumers, reduce or eliminate our personal contribution to this issue?

The answer is that we can make sustainable swaps, step by step to minimize waste.

We can also reduce our over-consumption of single-use plastics when there ARE alternative options available.


Small everyday changes committed by many consumers can add up to a large collective impact. Find below our 5 Best Plastic-Free and Zero-Waste Products to Try this Summer.

Pooch Paper Blog Image

1.) Paper Doggie Pick-Up Sheets

Did you know that roughly ten million tons of dog waste and over 500 million plastic dog waste bags end up in landfills annually in the U.S alone? Pooch Paper is on a mission to drastically reduce these numbers with their innovative pet product! But what is it? Pooch Paper is a recycled, PFAS-free, non-chlorine bleached paper alternative to single-use plastic dog waste bags.

Pooch Paper sheets are:

– 100% biodegradable,
– 100% compostable,
– and are manufactured using renewable energy.

The fluorochemical-free, oil and grease resistant coating is made naturally during the pulp drying process in order to ensure your doggie’s doodie remains inside the paper and not on your hand! The paper used is certified with the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® fiber sourcing program, and the Forest Stewardship Council®. It doesn’t end there, however: Pooch Paper founder Tracy Rosensteel wants to help keep public spaces clean, too!
Through the strategic targeting of 89,004 local governments across the U.S.,  Pooch Paper bulk sheets are available in dispensers in public parks across the U.S. with partners enjoying benefits such as a the mitigation of issues at reservoir choke points.

“Our mission is to mitigate the destructive effects that microplastic and methane gas pollution have on our people, our pups and our planet. By replacing a daily consumable with an organic product such as Pooch Paper, pup parents worldwide can participate in saving our planet one PUP at a time!”

Do you want to Take, Twist and Toss? Click the button below for more info.


Dolse Blog Image

2.) Shampoo Bars

Dulse & Rugosa makes small-batch natural skincare with botanicals grown (or wild-harvested) in Downeast Maine, USA. Having struggled with a chronically itchy scalp for many years, the mother and daughter team behind Dulse & Rugosa (Claire and Carly) were looking for both an effective and also eco-friendly solution. Turns out, the answer was seaweed! Claire and Carly started making seaweed-rich shampoo bars and soaps and have never looked back. This chemical-free product line (including soaps, lotions, scrubs, and oils) also began with the love of a small, remote place called Gotts Island. The duo wanted to share this special location with others. So, all Dulse & Rugosa products are handcrafted using dried seaweeds and botanicals growing on their small farm or growing along the rocky shores of the island. Each flower, leaf, and piece of seaweed is handpicked and then solar-dried.  Through this direct connection with nature and the ocean, Claire and Carly were also inspired to help reduce the amount of waste entering our oceans.

Dulse & Rugosa:

– Replace plastic containers with glass or compostable packaging.
– Ship plastic-free.
– Use ZERO palm oil in their products.

“Our mission is to provide natural, chemical free skincare. We also want to share our love of seaweed and Maine with others.”


Lunch Skins Product IMage

3.) Plastic-Free Sandwich Bags

Introducing Lunchskins: the world’s first patent-pending, self-sealing, disposable paper bag, and the first dishwasher-safe reusable bag! For founder Kirsten Quigley, it all started around a kitchen table in 2008. While raising her young family, she noticed how much waste was generated on a daily basis, packing 20+ lunches each week and countless snacks for classes, teams, and camps.

The Lunchskins brand was born out of her need for a planet-friendly and stylish alternative to disposable plastic bags! From the beginning, Kristen knew that whatever she created had to be easy, affordable, and fun so people would make it a part of their daily routine, and collectively have a much larger and more positive impact on our environment.

For the past 12 years, 3GreenMoms®, a woman-owned company, has been helping families and communities think and act greener by replacing over 2.6 million plastic straws and over 2.8 billion plastic bags with Lunchskins bags.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use sandwich or on-the-go snack bag, Lunchskins sandwich and snack bags are for you!


DivaCup product photo

4)Reusable Period Care

Our forth Product To Try This Summer is a period care product. Why? For close to 100 years, disposable tampons and pads have been disrupting our eco-system with chemicals, single-use plastics and dyes. Did you know that there are more than 12 billion pads and tampons used and disposed of annually? Opting for a reusable product like DivaCup can divert the average amount of 240 pads, tampons and liners from landfills annually for each person that uses one! DivaCup® offers a better and eco-friendly way for an improved period experience. Since 2002, Diva International Inc. (Diva) has challenged the period status quo with the DivaCup®, a reusable, silicone menstrual cup.

But which product is best for you?

• The DivaCup is a reusable, bell-shaped silicone menstrual cup that is suitable for all ages.
• DivaCup is wearable for up to 12-hours at a time, making it perfect for enjoying everything the cottage offers – including swimming, all day hikes and sleeping under the stars.
• The all-new DivaCup Model 0 is recommended for those 18 years or younger and for those who have a lighter menstrual flow.
• DivaCup Model 1 is recommended for those between the ages of 19 and 30 who have a medium menstrual flow.
• DivaCup Model 2 is recommended for those over the age of 30 and/or who have a heavier menstrual flow.

Additionally, DivaCup’s packaging is 100% recyclable and printed using water and vegetable-based inks. In April of 2021, Diva launched DivaRecycles, North America’s first-ever menstrual cup recycling program. DivaCup users can now fully recycle their used DivaCup and DivaWipes packaging for free. You can head here to learn more. 


LFT product photo

5) Aluminum Bottle Laundry Detergent

Ease up on your plastic use with our fifth and final product swap in our 5 Best Plastic-Free Products To Try This Summer …It’s pretty rare to enjoy doing laundry… make it a little easier on yourself by elimating eco-guilt with the help of LFT Brands “Dirt Happens” Laundry Detergent. LFT Group was established to help consumers make better choices for their daily cleaning needs by providing them with products that are not harmful to families, or the environment. Their philosophy is based on honesty, integrity and transparency. Passionate about what they do, they take the upmost care in the creation of  Live for Tomorrow products:

  • LFT use packaging that can be readily recycled, avoiding use of virgin plastic where possible, and minimizing packaging size as much as possible. As such, they use aluminum bottles as this is the most recycled material in North America!
  • Sustainable packaging efforts from LFT Group has been recognized by the National Zero Waste Council.

Additionally,  as a result of high concentration formulations, all our packaging is beautifully small. “Dirt Happens” is an 8x concentrated formula meaning you’ll get 50 wash loads from one small bottle. This Unscented formula is ideal for those in need of smart fragrance-free cleaning solutions. Live for Tomorrow is perfect for sensitive skin, sensitive noses, and a sensitive planet.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Biodegradable
  • Phosphate Free

We had to share with you LFT’s mission to round out this product review: 

Create the best eco-friendly solutions for conscious consumers to protect the environment”.

“We believe in sharing each and every ingredient so you can rest easy knowing our products are formulated using only plant and mineral based ingredients, including 100% pure essential oils for our fragrances.”

Plastic leaches into our everyday lives in different forms.  Take a look around the next time you’re in your bathroom, kitchen or yard.  You’ll be surprised by the ways in which it sneaks into your daily rotation.

We hope that our blog post ‘5 Best Plastic-Free Products To Try This Summer!’  has helped you identify some changes you can make to minimize your plastic use this year!

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