Welcome to our Eco-Friendly BBQ Products to Try for 2021. You’re just in time, too … BBQ season has just arrived!


Although summer barbecues are traditionally dominated by meat-heavy diets, wasteful habits, and forgetting about our planet while we’re having fun, we want to help you keep the environment in mind with some eco-friendly alternatives to keep your BBQ as green as can be.


Our First Must-Have Eco-Friendly BBQ Products To Try This Summer:


AGELOOP Compostable Trash Bags!

There’s nothing worse than stumbling across a public space that’s been destroyed by past users.

We’re encouraging you to bring a garbage bag with you on your outdoor adventures this summer: be it a BBQ, a picnic, or a simple hike!

With that, we’d like to introduce you to a compostable garbage bag solution!

Did you know that regular plastic garbage bags can take up to One.Thoursand.Years(!) to years to decompose?

And that not all biodegradable products can be classified as compostable?

BPI Certified: AGELOOP use a mix of CORNSTARCH + STRAW + PLA/PBAT in their garbage (and poop!) bags.

PBAT is the best scientifically available type of compostable plastic material to date until scientists discover a plant-based solution to keep the “plastic” feel, but still break down with the natural materials. This makes their bags fully compostable – even breaking down in a home composter.

You can learn more about AGELOOP at the button below.

Let us know: Will you be collecting litter this summer?


#2: Very British Bangers from The Very Good Butchers!

A little like Meatless Mondays: why not try a meatless BBQ this summer?

Here’s why: Meatless Monday followers could also save approximately 70 million gallons of gas—enough to fill up every car in Canada and Mexico, and then some. (Readers Digest).

Cutting meat out one day a week can help your personal health, too: Animal-based proteins found in meat are harder for our bodies to digest which can cause stomach pains after consumption. Many processed meats like bacon are filled with excess sodium which leads to stomach bloating. Following a Meatless Monday diet will give your stomach a break from stomach pain and bloating. (Spoon University)

That leads us to our second Eco-BBQ suggestion: Some (absolutely delicious!!) British Bangers from The Very Good Butchers. Don’t just take it from us; here’s what TVGB team had to say:

“Breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. This banger will make a great start to your morning or an amazing end to your night.

Are they very good? Mate! Our British Bangers are made from amazing, fresh apples, leeks and just the right combination of herbs and spices. They’ll bring soul to your fry-up and a bang to your BBQ!”

You can read more about our partners The Very Good Butcher’s and their super easy shipping process here.

#3: Vegetarian Patties from Wholly Veggie.

You can’t have bangers without burgers!

Third on our Must-Have Eco-Friendly BBQ Products to Try This Summer list: Wholly Veggie’s Herby Garlic Greens vegetarian patties. 

This is Wholly Veggie’s most popular patty, so naturally it made our rundown. They’re a super green mix of green beans, peas, broccoli, and spinach with a delicious herby garlic seasoning. The Herby Garlic Green patty has a subtle roasted garlic and dill flavor, with a moderate to firm texture. Perfect for those looking for an everyday item to serve as extra protein for any meal.

You can build your own box of tasty vegetarian, BBQ-able treats with the Wholly Veggie team here.


Shop Local for your BBQ veg:

There’s nothing better than roasted corn on the cob, or BBQ’ued vegetable skewers.

We’re suggesting you shop local and pick up your BBQ produce at a local farm this summer. Here’s why:

🌱 You’re supporting your local economy.
🌱 You get to by-pass plastic packaging.
🌱 It fosters a sense of community.
🌱 You’re not contributing to product shipping.
🌱 Everything will taste SO fresh.

Some delicious foods you can make with fresh fruit and veg (out with the usual tomato and lettuce toppings):

Peaches and honey;
Brussels Sprouts and a maple glaze;
Mushrooms and garlic.

If you’re in the Tiny, Ontario area, visit our friends at Farm2Door for your BBQ produce. Farm2Door support local growers and food-based entrepreneurs in Simcoe County.


cheese burger

There’s no need to hold the cheese at your eco-BBQ!

The dairy industry is a heady polluter!

Studies show eating a serving of cheese three to five times a week for a year generates 201 kg of greenhouse gas emissions.

Skip the dairy-filled cheese at your ‘green’ BBQ and try out a vegan alternative instead. 

Gone are the days of tasteless, cardboard-like vegan cheese. There are many great alternatives on the market now! Random Acts of Green business member Sorry I’ve Got Plants stock a great selection of dairy-free cheese (Smokey Maple and Whipped Feta currently available!); they offer shipping, too.

People BBQing

We’d also encourage you to omit disposable plates, cups, straws and napkins at your BBQ.

Time it takes to decompose:
Paper Plate – 5 years
Plastic Cup – 450 years
Plastic Straws – 200 years

Some of our Random Acts of Green business members sell great reusable alternatives. Cash in your green points on the Random Acts of Green app and get discounts on BBQ serving ware from Ardent Earth and Garden of Eden Resuables.

We hope that our post Must-Have Eco-Friendly BBQ Products To Try This Summer gave you some BBQable food for thought. Will you be trying out any of our green-BBQ suggestions?

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