Today is Endangered Species Day ….

When it comes to environmental issues, we understand how easy it is to freeze, feel a sense of eco-anxiety, or simply feel overwhelmed. For example, when it comes to aiding animals that are unfortunately on the endangered species list, questions will often come to mind:

– Where do you begin?
– How do you help?
– What can you do from your home in XXX to help animals thousands of miles away in XYZ? 

We asked Random Acts of Green Business Member and animal specialists Fanimal for some tips and pointers on ways in which you can help species in need. Below are three easy ways to help endangered animals today on Endangered Species Day!

As with all things here at Random Acts of Green – every small step helps!


Learn About One Species:

While it sounds cliché, you can’t help animals until you know more about them.

Carol at Fanimal suggests … to get started, pick an endangered animal that tugs at your heart, and dive in to learning about them!  

For example, Jes Hooper is of The Civet Project is an expert on this adorable cat-like mammal. She recently wrote a four part series on civets that you can find here.  In this post, she discussed the endangered Owston’s Civet.

The more you know, the more you can speak with authority, engage your network, and convince them that they too need to be involved!  You don’t have to become an expert – just learn enough for a “stump speech” and have actionable steps that your network can take to help.  

While the first conversation may not be the turning point for them, it is a point on a line.  You never know which will be the moment that prompts them to act!

”If I were to select one animal, it would be the pangolin, which is the world’s most trafficked mammal!

Pangolins are easy to poach because it curls up in a ball when it is scared.  This works well against lions but is actually helpful to human poachers!”

More on Pangolins to come!

Carol at Fanimal


Connect With Local Organizations:

There is an abundance of local organizations working to protect endangered species on a local level.  

While a mussel may not be as charismatic as an elephant, they are also important in the ecosystem! 

Search for local organizations working on endangered species habitat restoration, citizen science, and/or rehabilitation and volunteer!  

Fanimal wrote an article  on how to help Endangered Animals in the U.S. but the basic activities can be applied anywhere – we definitely recommend giving this great blog post a read.


Donate ….

Not everyone is in a position to be able to donate financially. But if you are, donate to a group or animal-centric mission that’s close to your heart.

We also have details below on Fanimal’s upcoming pangolin campaign, with information on how you can donate.

If donating financially isn’t possible, don’t underestimate the power of sharing information on your social channels about an animal you’ve learned about. Starting a conversation is key to change. Talk to friends, talk to family, and lobby your local representatives on behalf of animals!

Currently, pangolin-saving efforts are sparse.

Fanimal has plans to raise $2000 for two local Pangolin groups – one in Cameroon and one in the Dominican Republic of Congo – to help them with their efforts for World Pangolin Day next year.

“We know about these local programs through two members of our Advisory Council who were part of the MENTOR POP Fellow program.  Their names are Ichu Godwill and Jonas Kambale.  Also, we have Francis Tarla on our Advisory Council who does amazing work against wildlife trafficking/ and for bushmeat conservation; he works with pangolins (and Jonas and Ichu) as well.

These programs don’t have direct ways to donate to them, so Fanimal has offered to take donations for them and send the money directly to these local efforts (for example the Cameroon Pangolin Working Group or the DRC Working Group).”

If you want to learn more about pangolins, Fanimal suggest these great support articles:

A photo of endangered animals

A huge(!) thank you to Carol at Fanimal for suggesting these 3 actionable items with Endangered Species Day in mind.

If you haven’t visited the Fanimal, be sure to click their logo to see their valuable work: Fanimal is a socially-minded organization focused on animals. We provide original content on a variety of topics delivered through web-based platforms. Our mission is to inform and mobilize animal lovers (aka fans of animals) so that animal suffering can be reduced.


We hope that these top 3 tips helped inspire you to take action this Endangered Species Day.

🐼 Do you volunteer some place that’s helping animals on the endangered list?
🐼 Do you donate regularly to a group that’s trying to help animals in need?
🐼 Maybe you shared a post on social media recently about the plight of a certain species?

Let us know in the comments!

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