Is your dog terrified by the sound of fireworks?

🤦‍♀️ They are not alone!

⚠️ Small mammals, squirrels, and birds can all experience panic, confusion, fear, and anxiety from these explosions.

Fireworks have been found to cause nesting birds to abandon their nests and flightless chicks to be permanently separated from their parents during this confusion.

These are important considerations to make during the upcoming summer season.


Celebrate special occasions in ways that are least harmful to the environment and all who inhabit it!


What goes up must come down!

Perchlorates are oxidizers that work with fuel to help launch fireworks into the sky. They are potent thyroid disruptors that have been found to contaminate the groundwater where fireworks are launched from. 

The debris from these spectacles end up contaminating the environment causing harm to local wildlife.


We must do our part to support local biodiversity by protecting the habitats of these essential creatures!


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