Welcome to our blog post: 15 Sustainable Products to Try for Earth Month 2021!

While every month is Earth Month here at Random Acts of Green, we wanted to shine a solar-powered light on a few sustainable products (and to support, encourage, and promote sustainable shopping habits, generally).

That’s why we put together this blog post: 15 Sustainable Products to Try for Earth Month 2021! Consider it you guilt-free-shopping-guide for 2021.

Many of these products have been made with the environment in mind so you can shop ’til you drop and Mother Earth won’t be upset.

Let us know in the comments below which of these you’ve tried, which of these products you’d like to try and if you have any questions!



15 Best Sustainable Products to Try for Earth Month 2021 number 1

The First of our 15 Sustainable Products to Try for Earth Month 2021!

Based out of Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Nature’s Aid is known for an array of natural products including (but not limited too!): Nature’s Aid Skin Gel, Nature’s Aid Lip Balm, and Nature’s Aid Shampoo Bars.

Here at Random Acts of Green, we’re champions of many, many eco- and animal-friendly initiatives. When we saw two of our favourite things combined (a plastic-free product and dogs) we couldn’t have been happier!

We were thrilled to see our friends release Nature’s Aid for pets — so much so that we’re highlighting it as a Sustainable Product to Try for Earth Month.

Here’s why ….

Nature’s Aid True Natural Solid Shampoo Bars for Pets are an easier, greener way to wash your pup!

These shampoo bars aren’t just eco-friendly, but they also offer an amazing natural cleanse with skin- (and coat-) nourishing benefits.

Simply wet your pooch, wet the bar, and run it over the length of their coat. Then massage the lather into their coat without the bar. Rinse, and follow-up with one of Nature’s Aid’s true natural conditioner bars for pets.

Each bar gives an amazing natural lather, is hypoallergenic, tear-free and blended with:

🌱 Oatmeal to nourish the skin.
🌱 Aloe Vera to condition the fur.
🌱 Shea Butter to smooth and add shine, and
🌱 Neem Oil as a natural flea and insect repellant.


  • Each bar is made with local ingredients, no plastic packaging, and the box is produced in a carbon neutral facility.
  • Vegan friendly and cruelty free.
  • Absolutely NO artificial ingredients, colours, SLS, palm oils or parabens.

To learn more about Nature’s Aid and their full line of eco- and animal-friendly products, you can see their full product selection here.

If you’re in a hurry (maybe Fido got sprayed by a skunk!) head straight to Nature’s Aid pet-care line by clicking the button below.

A cute jack russel peeking out of a bathtub
A cute pitbull in a bath with sustainable suds on its head.
A wet terrier peeking over it's shoulder
Natures aid logo to the left with green pointing arrows to the right
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15 Best Sustainable Products to Try for Earth Month 2021 number 2

The Second Sustainable Product We Think You Should Try:

La Dee Da Gourmet Sauces is an all-natural gourmet sauce company specializing in plant-based, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and nightshade-free sauces; they’re also second on our list of Sustainable Products to Try for Earth Month this year.

As a plant-based company, La Dee Da‘s products are locally sourced from Ontario as much as possible before sourcing outside of our province, keeping it as Canadian as possible (always).

La Dee Da Gourmet Sauces is owned and operated by three entrepreneurial women: Mary Marino, Jo Anne Torrance, and Marlow Italiano (better known as the Sauce Queens).

These three owners saw an opportunity to provide consumers what they felt was lacking in the market: clean, wholesome sauces made with natural ingredients and labels that were easy to read.

You can read more about the Sauce Queens and how they made their break onto the plant-based market here.

Back to the sauce itself! From start to finish, this product has been created with sustainability in mind:

💚 Every La Dee Da product comes in a glass jar, with metal lids = no plastic, no waste.
💚 The Sauce Queens actively promote and encourage shoppers to reuse the jars for a variety of fun uses, like flowers, crayons, and seeds for the yard (to name just a few).
💚 And last but not least, La Dee Da’s co-packer use only recyclable materials and does it’s very best to help reduce the carbon footprint of a manufacturing facility. 

If you’re looking for a healthy, sustainable and nutritious meal in a jar this is the product for you! The sauces can be used as soup/stew starters, chilli bases, as a pizza toping, and over veggies, noodles and zoodles and so much more.
We highly recommend the La Dee Da Savoury Mushroom Basil Sauce.

EXCITING NEWS: The generous ladies of La Dee Da are offering RAOG friends 50% off all products from April 22, 2021 to May 22nd, 2021. Pop in the promo code: EARTHDAY50 on the La Dee Da website and get 50% off your entire order!

Do you want to start shopping? Click the button below for more saucey info.

jars of sauce.
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Our Third Sustainable Product to Try for Earth Month 2021:

It’s no secret that plastic pollution is a big problem that affects not just us, but the next generation as well. Despite international companies making strides to be waste-free, we produced more plastic and carbon emissions in 2019 than any other year.

The Rogerie was founded after newlyweds Brady and Angela moved home; they were horrified by the amount of plastic garbage that was created with the move. With that, this talented duo decided to join forces, leave their day jobs and establish their own sustainable 3D-printing biz.

They had one self-imposed stipulation, however: they didn’t want to just become another company clamouring to cash-in on the growing zero-waste movement; they wanted to take it a step further: complete sustainability through a product’s entire life cycle, like no company has done before.

” Sustainable products can’t just be less bad than something else, they need to meaningfully address the climate issues we face. That’s why we use 100% recycled plastic recovered from our own backyard. Each product we produce actually removes pollution from the environment and creates no emissions. We call it “negative waste”.”

Brady and Angela set out to find truly sustainable replacements for the most common plastic products we use every day.

The Rogerie based in Kelowna has since crafted a wealth of fantastic products. The third in our list of 15 Best Sustainable Products to Try for Earth Month 2021 are these beautifully stylish 3D planters that are made from fully-recycled plastics.


🌵 100% waste-free,
🌵 Stylish,
🌵 Self Watering, and
🌵 Incredibly reasonably priced.

To hear more about the 3D printing process, and to see more beautiful products like The Rogerie Soap Dish, visit their site here.

To shop The Rogerie‘s selection of planters, click the button below.

The Rogerie logo with green right pointing arrows to the left
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Good natured products header

Our Fourth Sustainable Product to Try for Earth Month 2021:

Born and raised in Canada, good natured® (publicly traded on the Toronto Venture Exchange under symbol GDNP.V) is on the path to becoming one of North America’s leading earth friendly product companies. good natured® is focused on making it easy and affordable for people to switch the products and packaging they use every day from petroleum to plant-based.

Combining the latest in plant-based renewable materials and no BPAs, phthalates or other chemicals of concern, the company makes everything from certified compostable food packaging to home and business organization products, like Recyclers and Handy Totes to help make life less messy.

good natured® believes that doing what’s right is more than just the ingredients – the products need to work, and they need to work well. Design matters and so does providing options so that businesses and consumers can make the eco-friendly choices that work for them. The company’s growing assortment of over 385 products enables more people to make the switch. By embracing the optimism that we can all bring “eco” into the mainstream, there’s more opportunity to create a lasting, positive environmental impact.

From the sustainable ingredients used, to purposeful designs, and the spirited energy they’re bringing to a traditional industry… good natured® is focused on building better everyday products.

Good natured product
Good natured
Good natured image
good natured right
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15 Best Sustainable Products to Try for Earth Month 2021 number 5

Our Fifth Sustainable Product to Try for Earth Month 2021:

The Very Good Butchers believe in butchering beans, not animals.

They’re on a mission to show that making good choices doesn’t mean sacrificing flavour. They want to make plant-based eating as approachable, nutritious and delicious as possible by creating food that’s Very Good for people, animals and the planet (while having a little fun along the way).

The Very Good Butcher‘s Story:

Fed up with the overly-processed meat alternatives available, the founders knew they could raise the plant-based bar. As trained chefs with years of experience, they set out to make the most delicious and nutritious plant-based meats they could, and in our humble opinion, they nailed it!.

After selling out the farmers’ markets on Denman Island, BC, our bean butchers knew they were onto something. They brought their magic beans to Victoria and opened the Canadian West Coast’s first plant-based butchery.

A bajillion butchered beans, a Dragons’ Den Appearance, 15 new products, and the opening of a production facility later (all in three years!), and this (not so) little Butcher Shop is online and ready to put some Very Good food on your plate.

Our 5th Sustainable Product to Try for Earth Month 2021 is A Very Good Box. The Very Good Box is the perfect way to become acquainted with The Very Good Butchers. The box contains six of their best-selling vegan goodies to make your plant-based dreams come true. 

(Psssst. Random Acts of Green App Users – Redeem 2,000 Green Points against The Very Good Butchers and get $5 off online orders of $50 or more).

Shop from The Very Good Butchers here.

a photo of packaged bean-based meats.
15 Best Sustainable Products to Try for Earth Month 2021 number 6

Here’s Our Sixth Selected Sustainable Product:

Rockwell Razors was born out of a belief that the world needs a real alternative to overpriced cartridge razors and gimmick-filled shave clubs. In a world dominated by fads, impermanence, and short-term thinking, they’re building a family of customers who think differently.

Rockwell have taken the classic double-edge razor that your bad-ass grandpa would have used, and completely re-engineered it from the ground up. The result? The classiest, most comfortable shave of your life. Taking inspiration from razor designs, they’ve formulated a full line of exceptional shaving and grooming products that you simply have to try to believe (trust us, you’ll feel the difference).

Rockwell‘s patented adjustable shave settings let you perfectly match your shave to your stubble length and skin type.

The EPA estimates that two billion razors end up in landfill each year in the United States alone. By 2050, there could be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Rockwell is proud to be joining a worldwide collective of brands that are committed to reducing and eliminating as much single-use plastic from our supply chain as possible.

To date, over 100,000+ individuals have already made the switch to using Rockwell. At this pace, Rockwell are poised to divert over 100 tonnes of plastic waste (in the form of disposable razor cartridges) by the year 2022.

Shop from Rockwell Razors here.

to the right it reads Rockwell's innovative adjustable settings let you change the blade exposure for a truly personalized experience, so you get a close, comfortable shave - every time.Improve your skin - minimize nicks, bumps, razor burns and irritation; Eliminate plastic waste; Save a fortune on shaving to the right there's a photo of a razor.
15 Best Sustainable Products to Try for Earth Month 2021 number 7

Susitanable Mailers are our Seventh pick:

EcoEnclose specialize in eco friendly packaging and these 100% Recycled Kraft Mailers are no exception.

They are:

🍃 Lightweight;
🍃 Affordable; and
🍃 Naturally biodegradable.

They’re also:

🍃 90% post-consumer content;
🍃 Curb-side recyclable; and
🍃 Compostable (though recycling is recommended over composting!).

These mailers come in a variety of sizes to suit every purpose. If you’re looking for custom branding, the EcoEnclose team can help you with that, too.

These mailers are perfect for business owners looking to elevate their green-game!

If you’re on the hunt for an eco-friendly packaging company, visit our friends and Random Acts of Green business members EcoEnclose here.

15 Best Sustainable Products to Try for Earth Month 2021 number 8

Number Eight is an Aide to Avoid Iron Deficiency:

The Lucky Iron Fish company is a certified B-Corp. Their simple cooking tool that is designed to add a significant portion of your daily required iron intake when added to any boiling liquids for 10 minutes.

The unique size, shape and surface area of the Fish is scientifically designed to release a safe and consistent amount of iron every time it is used as directed.

Lucky Iron Fish is clinically proven to release safe levels of iron. When used as directed, it releases 6-8 mg of absorbable iron per 1L (4 cups) of liquid (such as soup, curry, or water with 2-3 drops of citrus).

Since most people need up to 18mg of daily iron (depending on age/ lifestyle, etc.), the Fish can provide more than 50% of the daily requirement.

Using the Fish regularly is a great addition to your daily diet to ensure adequate iron intake. To make things super easy, the team at Lucky Iron Fish have added Lucky Iron Fish Recipes to their website. 

In partnership with World Vision and Peace Corps (to name just a couple) the Lucky Iron Fish team:

Donate a portion of each sale to an Impact Fund (which is in operation in 88 countries).


  • Donate Lucky Iron Fish to communities and organizations
  • Provide men and women with training opportunities to address iron deficiency in their communities. This includes training, shipment and impact measurement to help organizations distribute Fish to families in need and help reduce the impacts of iron deficiency.

Shop Lucky Iron Fish here

A photo of a lucky iron fish - a sustainable product to try for earth month 2021
a long leafy plant to the left. The number 9 is on top. To the right is the rainbarrel logo. Below it reads Terracotta Rain Barrel - $65 prices may vary

Save Your Rain Water with Product Number Nine:

We’re big fans of the rain barrel here at Random Act of Green. So much so that we wrote a whole blog post about it, which you can read here.

Did you know that rain barrels can help save over 1000 gallons of water?

That’s equivalent to almost 13 bathtubs full of water!

If you’ve no time to click and read our blog, let us summarize for you.

Rain barrels can:

🌧️  Reduce water bills.
🌧️ Save your yard from pooling. 
🌧️ Reduce stress on residential waterways.
🌧️ Help protect rivers and streams from residential runoff.

We’re shining a light on RainBarrel.ca’s terracotta barrel. It holds 220 litres / 55 gallons and it’s made from repurposed food-grade plastic. It also includes a leaf and mosquito filter basket and tap. An overflow adaptor permits rain barrels to be connected in a series.

Random Acts of Green is holding a rain barrel sale this May in the Peterborough, Ontario area.

For home delivery in the downtown Peterborough area: click here.
For pick-up orders where delivery isn’t available due to location: click here.

15 Best Sustainable Products to Try for Earth Month 2021 number 10

Is Your Period Zero-Waste? It Could be With Our Tenth Sustainable Product:

The DivaCup is made from durable silicone. It becomes more flexible with body heat. It’s been a game changer in the menstrual products scene and has revolutionized how we view view the period industry.

Here’s why we’re highlighting the DivaCup as one of our 15 Sustainable Products to Try for Earth Month 2021.

💜 They create less waste. The average person goes through 300 lbs of disposable sanitary products in their lifetime.
💜 They cost you less money.
💜 They award you more time. You can use it for up to 12 hours.
💜 And it’s chemical free: no plastics, BPAs or dye.
💜 Recently the DivaRecycles was launched which allows ‘spent’ products to be recycled ….

”We are thrilled to offer North America’s first free menstrual cup recycling program, DivaRecycles! In partnership with international recycling partner, TerraCycle, DivaRecycles gives our customers the added value of being able to recycle their previously unrecyclable DivaCup Menstrual Cups and DivaWipes packaging.”

Shop all Diva products here.

a purple background with a white arm holding up a divacup
15 Best Sustainable Products to Try for Earth Month 2021 number 11

15 Sustainable Products to Try for Earth Month 2021 – the gardener’s choice!

🌱 Eartheasy’s Subpod converts household organic waste into a powerhouse of nutrient-rich soil, while doubling as a handsome and hardy garden bench. Subpod creates a safe environment for compost worms and aerobic (odorless) microbes to convert organic household waste into vermicompost. The worms move through the perforations in the underground part, aerating and carrying those nutrients into the surrounding soil, creating an optimally fertile environment for plants to thrive.


Features & Benefits:

🌱 Subpod breaks down up to 33lb/ 15kg of your kitchen food waste into rich soil every week
🌱 Compost solution that lets the worms work directly in the soil
🌱 Quick assembly
🌱 Odorless
🌱 Beautiful aesthetic design
🌱 Doubles as a garden seat
🌱 Option to connect multiple Subpods together
🌱 Compost worms team up with odourless microbes inside Subpod and transform food waste into soil.

What can go in?:

🌱 FOOD WASTE Fruit and vegetable scraps, eggshells (crush them first), coffee grounds, used tea leaves, spoiled plant-based milks, grains, pastas, breads, snack foods, nuts (and their shells), seeds, pits, husks and so on. Small amounts of meats, seafood and dairy foods, citrus, onion and garlic may also be added, along with pretty much anything going funky in the fridge. Subpod can also process spicy herbs and peppers, dairy foods and oils, but it’s best to introduce these types of substances slowly, in small pieces, in small amounts at first, and only after your worms are fully established (around three months).

🌱 PAPER & CARD Most scrap paper and cardboard can be added to Subpod, as long as it’s not laminated or super glossy. Again, the smaller the pieces, the better. Junk mail, office paper, bills, envelopes (no plastic windows), post-it notes. Paper plates, tissues, egg cartons, paper cupcake liners, baking paper, even card and paper packaging is fine, too.

🌱NATURAL FIBRES Used cotton swabs and balls, toilet paper cores, are all fine. Old clothing, face washers, napkins, tablecloths and very old towels can be used as long as they are made from natural fibres like cotton, tencel, linen, hemp or wool (no polyester, nylon, acrylic or blends) – just shred them into small pieces first. Washer and dryer lint are OK too, as long as, again, it comes only from clothing made from natural fibres.

To learn more about Eartheasy and their composting options, click the here. Happy composting!

two photos of a submerged composting box
15 Best Sustainable Products to Try for Earth Month 2021 number 12

Do You Have Green Energy At Home? You Could With Product Number Twelve:

When you bullfrogpower a device—such as your computer or fridge—you reduce your impact on the environment and take a meaningful step toward fighting climate change.

For every kWh of electricity you purchase, a kWh from a pollution-free, renewable source is produced and put on the grid on your behalf. This clean energy helps reduce the amount of energy needed from polluting sources. Learn more about how green electricity works here.

What you need to know about your green energy purchase:

🐸 It’s a one-time purchase that greens your device’s energy usage for a year
🐸 You’ll receive a personalized digital certificate representing the green power you’ve purchased
🐸  No changes are required to your home or device

You can also give green power as a gift! Simply select the gift option when adding the bullfrogpowered device to your cart. Click here for more info.

(Fun Fact: the Random Acts of Green team use bullfrog powered laptops!)

Bullfrog sustainable product.
15 Best Sustainable Products to Try for Earth Month 2021 number 13

Our Thirteenth Sustainable Product to Try for Earth Month 2021:

Each time you purchase a Sambazon product, you can feel good knowing you are helping the Amazon and its people while nourishing your own body.

Sambazon exist to provide a win-win solution that helps protect the Amazon Rainforest and supports your health and wellness. Samabazon care for the people they work with, the planet we live on, and the prosperity of everyone involved. It’s a sustainable business philosophy called the Triple-Bottom-Line.

”As the first 3rd party certified Fair Trade Açaí company, Sambazon is leading the charge when it comes to protecting the incredible Amazon biodiversity. Our Açaí is Certified Organic and Fair Trade — just the way nature intended it –and will always stay that way. From our use of alternative energy in our processing factories to our efforts to help protect the Rainforest’s endangered species, the planet is always top of our mind.’

Our thirteenth Sustainable Product to try for Earth Month 2021 is Sambazon’s SuperGreens Frozen Açaí Packets.

With 4 pouches per 100g bag it’s a blend of organic Açaí with kale & spinach – Perfect for blending delicious nutrition-packed green smoothies at home.

See more from Sambazon here.

Sambazon sustainable product.
15 Best Sustainable Products to Try for Earth Month 2021 number 14

Dry Your Clothes Sustainably With Product Number Fourteen:

Take the harsh chemicals out of your laundry by adding LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls instead of dryer sheets.

Toss all 3 LooHoos in your dryer to gently soften clothes while they happily tumble with your laundry.

LooHoos help circulate laundry more efficiently and reducdry time by 10-25%.

The Starter 3-Packs are the perfect set for households with 1-2 people or those that regularly wash and dry small to medium loads of laundry. Use the dryer balls for hundreds of loads. Sets are packaged in a reusable cloth bag (or choose no packaging and save money).

LooHoo’s packaging is plastic-free and they strive to use recycled packaging, promotional and shipping materials as much as possible.

LooHoo are offering discounts on their products on the Random Acts of Green App!

Shop sustainable dryer balls here

LooHoo sustainable product.
mismack header

The fifteenth in our 15 Sustainable Products to Try for Earth Month 2021!

GlitterEnvi from MisMack Clean Cosmetics is the last in our list. It’s a sparkly note to end on!

This environmentally friendly biodegradable glitter line consists of 7 amazing shades.

5 of our shades are a corn starch base (Blue Lagoon, Diamonds, Disco Days, Jade and Pink Perfect) and the other 2 are a wood pulp base (UFO and Unicorn).

”All of them will break down as the microorganisms in the earth eat away at them. Once the composting process starts, it takes roughly 9 months for them to be fully degraded. The degradation process has been tested and is in compliance with ASTM standards. As micro-plastics are being banned in countries all across the world, we wanted to bring a solution to the market. We are so proud to say that we are the FIRST brand in Canada to do so. We firmly believe that our eco-water systems shouldn’t be put at stake for our love of glitter.”

Are you unsure about what it takes to be a certified ‘Clean Cosmetic’? MisMack has a fantastic rundown on her website here.

We hope that you enjoyed our blog post – 15 Sustainable Products to Try for Earth Month 2021.

Each product has been devised with Mother Earth in mind. The daily choices of individuals will influence decision-makers in government and corporations on a global level. We would encourage you to shop from sustainable companies who have the planet in mind.

Have you tried any of these products? Are you likely to try any of them having read our article? Let us know!

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