Are you planning a DIY home renovation to refresh life at home?

You are not alone.

Canadians spent more than $80 billion on home improvements in 2019.

Contrary to popular belief, there are ways you can take on a home renovation with minimal waste and without breaking the bank.

Consider the effects that a fresh coat of paint can have on a living space.

You can do this without extensive equipment, at low cost and with little skill required.

Painting a room is an underrated adventure that can truly transform your living space.

Check out this image that highlights the impact that paint alone can have on your perspective!

Learn how we roll with Loop Recycled Paint

After exploring the topic of “How Does Paint Get Recycled? in our latest blog, we decided to put this product to the test.

Our Social Impact Manager, Alannah Hardcastle assisted her partner Alex Salmon in applying the final coat of paint on  a new bathroom build. Alex is a custom home builder with over 13+ years of experience in the industry. 

But how will this affordable paint hold up to a seasoned painter’s expectations?

➡️ Let’s find out together!

Loop Premium Recycled Paint is available exclusively at Giant Tiger for $18.99/gallon. 

It is significantly more affordable per gallon than designer brands of paint which can be twice the price. One gallon of paint covers approximately 350 square feet. 

Use an online paint calculator tool to estimate the amount of paint needed for the project. Minimize waste by purchasing only what you will need.  

Our Performance Review of Loop Recycled Paint:

“Honestly, the performance of this paint really threw us for a loop. 😁  I anticipated that there may be sacrifices somewhere along the way in ease of application, coverage or aesthetic quality given the budget-friendly price point. At every turn, this paint holds up to or exceeds premium paint standards.”


Firstly, the consistency of this paint keeps together throughout the painting process. This paint does not separate after it has been properly mixed, which is usually a concern with budget paints. For this project, we used a mixing attachment on a standard power drill for 3 minutes. Going the full three minutes helps to ensure the paint remains fully mixed while you are using it. Mixing it by hand vigorously with a stir stick is another alternative.

✅ Colour 
Secondly, we used Loop paint in a Light Grey interior low-sheen tone.  It does appear dark during application while wet but dried to match the colour presented on the label perfectly. 

Thirdly, volatile organic compounds  (VOC’s) are what gives most paint on the market that noticeable ‘fresh paint’ smell. Those chemicals are known to cause health issues including headaches and nausea for some individuals. Any remaining VOC’s present in recycled paint have already been off-gassed long before the recycling process.
Consequently, Loop Recycled Paint is an ideal choice for a nontoxic home renovation. Our bathroom paint job is a relatively small area and the paint smell is actually pleasant with a vanilla aroma. 

Environmental Performance of Loop Recycled Paint:

Perhaps most importantly, this paint is produced with the planet in mind. These points coupled with the performance qualities above make Loop Recycled Paint a clear choice for an eco-friendly home project.

Firstly, producing Loop Recycled Paint uses 70% less water than the typical manufacture of new paint.

Secondly, the process leads to 70% fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

Thirdly, supporting a circular economy help keeps paint out of our landfills, air, and water.

Finally, Loop Recycled Paint uses 100% recycled and recyclable packaging.


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They offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you follow all the instructions for surface preparation, mixing, and application, and you’re still not completely satisfied, they’ll replace, exchange, or refund the purchase price. (See the can for the fine print.)

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