Did you know that Random Acts of Green has a business members program?

πŸ’šΒ  A 100+ strong community of amazing, likeminded businesses that are coming together for collective good.

βœ”οΈΒ  Each of our community members has environmental sustainability at their core.

➑️  To read more about our programs (for both individuals and businesses) – click here.

Below are just a few reasons businesses choose to join our community:

➑️  Our program is designed to help showcase what businesses are doing for the planet, using social media, and help them identify more things they can do for our environment while engaging their employees to do the same .

➑️. We foster community with referrals and networking connections to other members. Members also meet at our Member’s Only webinars.

➑️. We send out Green Tips, Trends, Tricks and resources through our exclusive member-only newsletters.


Additionally, being an RAOG Business Member aligns a business with climate action:

➑️. 65% of people say they want to buy from purpose driven brands that advocate for sustainability. (Harvard Business Review)

➑️. 41% of consumers want products from a company known for its commitment to communities. (Nelson Global Survey).

A cartoon sign that's hanging down. It says Proud Member of Random Acts of Green in green and grey fonts. Below that in a green box it says - join our community

Without further ado, let’s get down to the fun stuff!

We have put together 25 reasons why we πŸ’š our members (though we could have done 250 … there are only so many hours in a day)!

πŸ’š Reason #1: Their hearts are set on climate action (like ours!).

πŸ’š Reason #2: They share values as a community.

πŸ’š Reason #3: They are fighting environmental problems as one community.

πŸ’š Reason #4: They advocate for:

➑️  energy efficiency,
➑️ composting,
➑️ waste-free solutions,
➑️ plant-based diets,
➑️ zero-waste products,
➑️ plastic-free lifestyles,
➑️ nature connections,
➑️renewable energy and more.

πŸ’š Reason #5: They inspire us daily through creative eco-adjustments.

πŸ’š Reason #6: They sell a wealth of amazing products with the environment in mind (have you seen our app directory?).

Photo of a toddler climbing on a couch with a blue diaper on.
Photo of an upturned pill bottle with purple vitamins and blue berries pouring out.
A birdseye view of a dark purple smoothie bowl with granola and sliced avocado

πŸ’š Reason #7: They offer an inspiring selection of amazing services like: pressure sensitive labels, compostable food trays, reusable food wraps and reusable sanitary products. Again, with the environment in mind.

πŸ’š Reason #8: They’re incredibly supportive of a women-led social enterprise.

πŸ’š Reason #9: They know that we all have a part to play.

πŸ’š Reason #10: They boost our spirits with positive feedback:

Image that says "Random Acts of Green has built such an amazing community of people wanting to do good in the world, and we are proud to be a part of it. They truly get to know your brand and amplify your message and mission in a genuine way. We are grateful for being so warmly welcomed into their hub of like-minded people and businesses."
Becoming a Green Act Business Member provided pivotal opportunities for us. Belonging to an organization like this creates a much needed community of likeminded people, and as a business member, it helps us demonstrate our commitment to making an impact. When RAOG spotlighted our company, we received huge bumps in our likes, follows, inquires, and preorders. The RAOG team is friendly and incredibly responsive. They helped us adapt and learn how to better explain what our company does and how it benefits the planet. We have received customers, potential business partners, and incredible support networks already, and can’t wait to see what else is to come.

πŸ’š Reason 11: They participate and share our quarterly challenges with excitement and energy!

πŸ’š Reason 12: They’re always thrilled to be connected with fellow Random Acts of Green business members. To us, this highlights the importance of collective change.

πŸ’š Reason 13: They turn up to our business members exclusive webinars with gusto!

Split screen of various faces participating in a webinar.

πŸ’š Reason #14: They provide awesome prizes and giveaways during our quarterly challenges (and throughout the rest of the year) – all with a view to encouraging our social communities to participate in collective climate action!

‘I just wanted to say I loved this giveaway. So much better than the random tagged friends giveaways, because people were really talking and sharing great ideas! Thanks again for this opportunity! “ Yours Outdoors

πŸ’š Reason #15:Β They want to actively encourage their teams and staff to take climate action through our app, our newsletters and our workshops.

A view from the back of a large room. Orange chairs are laid our ready for a talk.

πŸ’š Reason #16: They comment on one another’s social posts fostering a supportive eco-network.

πŸ’š Reason #17: There’s a huge mix of members: smaller one-person businesses, large corporations and not-for-profits.

πŸ’š Reason #18: They both reassure and give us hope – it isn’t all doom and gloom.

πŸ’š Reason #19:Β They think “Glocal” – many of our members are situated in Peterborough, Ontario, while others are located in the U.S. and Australia!

πŸ’š Reason #20: They stuck with us and supported us through a global pandemic because they knew how important it was to keep climate action as a matter of importance, even if it dropped off the priority list for so many.

πŸ’š Reason #21: Through their support, they’ve allowed Random Acts of Green to start an Individuals and Students Program which helps inspire solo eco-champions to feel empowered and inspired to take action.

πŸ’š Reason #22: They send the Random Acts of Green team really lovely products to help us on our individual green-journeys:

A white person holding up a reusable produce bag with a pink background
Person with brown hair and glasses holding up a brown small tube, smiling.
A lady with brown hair smiling with thumbs up over to bowls that are covered in reusable wraps.
A lady with brown hair and a fringe crouching by a computer screen. The computer screen shows the BullFrog Power logo.

πŸ’š Reason #23: They reach out to us with ideas and suggestions for online content, and see the immense value in participating in Q&A’s and providing detailed information for the Random Acts of Green Sustainability Blog.

πŸ’š Reason #24: 60,321 Green-Acts have been logged on the Random Act of Green app. That’s 341,912 kg of carbon that’s been saved. Our members not only use the app, they promote it on their own platforms = more green acts logged and more carbon saved!

πŸ’š Reason #25: And last but definitely not least, they wear our super-soft Random Acts of Green t-shirts with pride – like this lovely bunch at The Green Beaver HQ.Β 

5 people, wearing Random Acts of Green tshirts, standing infront of a small silver vat holding up Green Beaver products

πŸ’šΒ  The Random Acts of Green team want to thank our community of 104 Green-Act Business Members for inspiring, encouraging, believing in and empowering us every. single. day. πŸ’š

Random Acts of Green in green font. The inner of the O is an earth. It says download the app below with our 3 social media icons - twitter, FB and IG