👋 Hands up if you’ve ever been mesmerized by the flickering flame of a candle?

🕯 The calming effect of candlelight can be a simple yet sacred tool to help reduce stress and appreciate the simple joys of life.

🕯 There is a reason they are included in spiritual, religious and social ceremonies around the world. Consider bringing the tranquil and restorative light of candles into your home.

❄️ Embrace the cold weather and use the natural touch of frost to make an ice lantern!⁠ 


Firstly, gather the natural materials to decorate with to make an ice lantern. Take a walk and forage for available grasses, leaves, twigs, seed pods or whatever is in your garden. You can also examine your compost and use fruit or citrus peels.

You will also need two different sized dishes, water and a candle or light source.

To hold the inner container in place, you can use water or a weighted object like a rock. Below you will see both examples.  We used two lanterns stacked together in the featured image. 

2. Create the candle mold

💧.  Secondly, add water and natural décor to the larger dish. This will be the base for the lantern.⁠

🕯️. Place another container in the middle to hold space for the candle. This can be weighed down with a rock, water or taped in place. ⁠Check your recycling bin if you need containers.

🌿. Next, add your items. Foliage, citrus peels or whatever natural fragments you have at hand.


3. Ice Ice Baby

❄️. Thirdly, leave it outside to freeze completely. ⁠This step can also be repeated in shallow layers to allow for more decorations throughout the lantern.

4. Unmold your lantern

🔥 Bring your lantern inside to unmold. With a bit of time the ice lantern should separate from the outer container. 

If you used water to weigh down the inner container, add a bit of boiling water to help separate the middle.

If you used rocks, simply remove the rocks and lift out the container. Don’t worry if it is frozen in place. Use the same steps as above. 

5. Light it up!



Lastly, add your lantern light source.

We used a Lemon Chiffon Cake soy candle from our Green Act Business Member Allen Wick Candles.

This hand poured candle is made in a reusable glass jar that happens to be the same sized as the jar we used to make the mold. 


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