Gender reveal parties have monopolized headlines recently, and not for good reasons! Ill conceived reveal parties have catastrophic after-effects on the environment in which they were held:

💥 In 2018 – a man shot a target so it would explode with either pink or blue powder, but sparked a 47k acre wildfire in Arizona that blazed for a week.
💥 There’s also the fireworks;
💥 the synthetic confetti;
💥 the balloons;
💥 … and all of the bits and bobs used to decorate tables to serve food and the packaged takeaways for your guests.

While gender reveals are filling our feeds because of their ecological ramifications. We wanted to talk about the quieter of the two baby-welcoming events and shine a light on baby showers. 

Like most celebratory moments, baby showers are chock-full of day-of disposables and plastic-heavy packaging.

Things (of course) are a little different at the moment: parties are held remotely but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways in which you can improve the carbonfootprint of your event.

We’ve put together our top suggestions on how you can craft a green-er babyshower this year.

📧  Invites – Avoid sending mass amounts of mail.

While it’s nice to get handwritten notes now and again. For your baby shower, we’d recommend sending e-vites. Not only are electronic invites a simple way to make your event greener, you can also easily connect with your attendees and keep an eye on who’s coming in realtime.

✔️ Your Registry ✔️

What to include on your registry? Pretty much everything? While you *might* need to get some things new – we’ve listed some tips and pointers on ways in which you can either get:

➡️  second hand products;
➡️  handmade wares;
➡️  and environmentally sound pieces.

Your Registry – Clothing:

Let’s start from day #1 with diapers:

🧷 If you’re a keen RAOG follower you’ll have seen that we’re huge fans of the cloth diaper (so much so we wrote a whole blog post about it which you can read here).

🧷 Cloth diapers are not only a good way for parents-to-be to keep their costs low (you can anticipate saving up to  $1,800 for the first child and $2,400 for the second child. ($2,400 spent on disposable diapers v’s $600 on cloth diapers = $1800 in savings)).

🧷 They also lessen the load on landfills.  On average per-newborn household – 10-14 disposable diapers head straight to the trash everyday. This equates to 3.5 million tons of disposable diaper waste ending up in landfills.

🧷  Consider adding some cloth diapers to your registry. If you’re unsure of how viable it will be to use them, add 2 or 3 and see how you get on. If you’re a convert you can always order more later down the line. RAOG Business Member, Bumbini have some great newborn options on their site.

Your Registery – Clothing:

👕 Think about adding a wetbag (or two!) to your registry. They’re great for holding dirty diapers on-the-go, and you can use them once baby has grown for wet swimsuits and towels or for trips to the gym.

👕 Ask for hand-me-downs. If you have a lot of parent friends, let them know that you’re very open to any gently used baby (and toddler) gear that they might no longer use.

👕 Consider adding websites that encourage and embrace a circular-economy like Mini-Cycle to your registry. They specialize in new, like-new, pre-loved and well-loved kids clothing and offer buy back programs once you’re kiddo has outgrown their gifted togs.

Your Registry:

📦 Open Box is aok! Have you heard of Rebel Stork? Rebelstork is a modern marketplace that takes the haggle and the hassle out of parenting by enabling the buy and sell of overstock, open box, and quality used baby gear. They have a huge selection of baby equipment like strollers, bouncers and babycarriers (to name just a few) at really reasonable price points.

Your Registry – For Mom:

💚 Reusable Nursing Pads (like the one’s pictured above  from Garden of Eden Reusables)! New moms might not realize it yet, but these reusable nursing pads will be their new best friend as they enter into the world of feeding Baby.

💚 Made with a lovely, soft bamboo/cotton fleece, these nursing pads are also absorbent and waterproof. They give the coverage that is needed while keeping your breasts comfortable as you navigate their new purpose. 😀

💚 Feeling a bit sore? They can easily be put in the fridge so they’re cool and soothing when you need them.  (And bonus: they won’t stick to you like disposables will!! OUCH!)

💚 Going out in public? No worries! Leaks won’t happen with the waterproof – but breathable! – layer.

💚 Want to avoid a lot of baby-specific garbage? These are just the thing. Because they’re washer-and-dryer friendly, investing in reusable nursing pads will save you years worth of money and garbage.

💚 What’s not to love?!

Your Registry – For the Parents:

Ask for premade meals! If you have a friends that like to cook (and they live nearby), add dinners and snacks to your registry that they can deliver ad-hoc. You can suggest they drop them off in glass containers or Mason Jars. List nutritious  recipes to give your attendees food-for-thought. Click these links below for some tasty ideas!:

🍇  Good Fats Açaí Bowl Recipe
🍇  Amazing Açaí Bowl Recipe with Cauliflower, Mango and Pineapple
🍇 Açaí Banana Bread

Your Registry – For The Bathroom:

🧼. Add baby wash, lotions, balms and diaper creams to your registry – they’re things that you’re 100% going to need and it’s a great way to add varied price points to your list so it’s accessible for all.

🧼. How to make this ask green? Research locally made, natural and organic products. Like The Green Beaver: this business has the environment in mind when they create their items. They’re biodegradable, GMO, gluten AND cruelty-free which is not only great for baby, it’s great for the planet, too!

Your Registry – For The Bathroom:

🌎. Let your attendees know that you’re open to mason jars of body care products from local refilleries. You can use the mason jars after for baby food and milk!

🌎. If you have friends who think outside of the box, ask for a baby-care tin. They could fill a vintage tin with plastic-free plasters (like the one’s pictured above), soothing baby balms, miniature nail scissors and toddler toothpaste and toothbrush (to name just a few).

Your Registry – For The Kitchen:

While you won’t need cutlery and plates from day one – the time will come! Avoid mass-produced plastic plates and BPA filled cups.

🍴 Consider adding bamboo utensils (make sure the bamboo is harvested from a sustainable source and that it’s fair trade).

🍴 Snack bags will be your friend when you’re on the go. Add a reusable bag (or 3!) to your list so you can have apples, chopped grapes and tomatoes to hand when you’re out and about.

🍴 A super-absorbent sponge draining mat for bottles. Swedish cloths are a great option as they are naturally anti-bacterial due to its quick drying ability which means no ‘dish cloth’ smell! 

Your Registry – For The Nursery:

🧶 If your friends are crafty, let them know that you’re open to homemade gifts!

🧶 A cute macrame so that you can add some greenery to your nursery, or a soft knitted lap blanket for late-night feedings or handmade baby booties are all thoughtful keepsakes. Some of them you’ll have for years to come!

Activities and games for during the shower:

While it’s lovely to receive a game-pack in the mail, opt for virtual games instead!

🎉  Get participants to email in a baby photo of themselves alongside a current pic and try to match folk up.
🎉  Get your attendees to email in wishes for baby in advance.
🎉  Play around of ‘Name That Tune.’ Seek out songs with ‘baby’ in the lyrics in advance.
🎉 Get everyone to log on to online game stations – like Kahoot or

Wrap It Up!

Encourage your shower participants to skip giftwrap or, opt for reusable giftwrap instead!

Lastly, if you want to thank your parent, friend or family member for organizing your baby shower. Consider getting them something that’s been locally made by an artisan or a crafted subscription box.

We hope our tips on how you can make your celebration a little greener gave you some inspiration. Let us know if you implement any of our suggestions in the comments below (and CONGRATULATIONS 😀 !).