Embrace the cold weather with this nature inspired craft: Make an Ice Ornament !
Take advantage of the freezing temperatures to work with nature to make a natural wonder.  All you need are some treasures found in nature, a shallow dish, water and string.  Skip the glitter and avoid plastic choosing only materials that can again return to nature without leaving a trace. 


Gather the natural materials to decorate your ice ornament. Take a walk and forage for available grasses, leaves, twigs, seed pods or whatever is in your garden.

You can also examine your compost and use fruit or citrus peels. [Yes! you can compost outdoors in the winter!]

Next you will need a shallow dish to shape the ice ornament. Get creative and explore different shapes and sizes.  A muffin tray allows you to make multiple small shapes in the same go. A Bundt pan creates a wreath effect. You can also check your recycling bin and repurpose a container. 


2. Build your ornament

💧 Fill a shallow dish with water⁠
➰ Place a piece of string so it is submerged through the decoration. Ensure the string is long and strong enough to hang. ⁠
🌿 Add your items. Let nature take it’s course. The items will float around so placement will be approximate. ⁠


3. Ice Ice Baby

❄️. Leave your ice ornament outside to freeze completely. ⁠ We used an empty cooler to cover them to protect from squirrels and birds. 

4. Remove the ice ornament from the mold

🔥 Bring your ice ornament inside to unmold. With a bit of time, the decoration should separate from the outer container.


5. Hang it up!


 Voila! Hang your creation in the shade to make them last. Choose natural decorations that won’t harm the environment as the decoration melts. You can recollect the string to make another ornament. ⁠

🐦These crafts can be made to support birds in your area. By adding berries, nuts or seeds birds will have treats to snack on as the ornaments melt in the sun.⁠

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