Random Acts of Green’s ‘Jolly Green Challenge’ aims to give eco-anxiety frostbite– and have a little fun. Jolly Green encourages people to think about the impact their day-to-day actions have on our planet and encourages them to move beyond “just recycling” by exploring new ways to be green.

Globally at Christmas time, our waste levels increase by 25-30%.

With all the wrapping paper, glitter, decorations, electronic waste, holiday lights, and food waste, the planet needs our help.

Random Acts of Green’s virtual way to build awareness and keep everyone engaged in climate action around the holidays includes inspiring people to take on such mini-challenges as: ‘Tis The Season To Make Amends – Repair an item!’ and ‘Even The Gingerbread Man Limits His Water Use – Try taking a fast shower!’

Random Acts of Green CEO, Jessica Correa, knows that fun challenges like this encourage and inspire people to take action.

“No matter which environmental problems gives you a winter chill – food waste, plastics in the ocean, climate change, deforestation, biodiversity loss, pollution, water scarcity, or overpopulation,” notes Jessica Correa, CEO of Random Acts of Green, “they all demand the same thing: people acting together.”

Citizens, school boards, classrooms, offices and businesses were encouraged to take the virtual Jolly Green Challenge during the month of December to inspire more people to take climate action.

It offered a unique way to build awareness about things we can do for the planet, while also staying safe in uncertain times.

We are grateful for your participation in the challenge and are touched by the kind words and feedback we’ve had this year.

It’s been a challenging year for everyone due to COVID-19, but that doesn’t stop the momentum for climate action – and you’ve helped us prove that. 

We’ve helped showcased that the actions you take, matter, when done together.


We’d like to share with you the Top Successes of the Jolly Green Challenge of 2020.  


1. Completed ornaments, showcasing unity

The completed ornaments showcased the power of individual actions – when done together. Many individuals participated – which may not seem like much alone – but when you add them up, you can see a flurry of individuals acting together.

2. Top Trending Green Acts

Below were some of the top highlights from the Jolly Green Challenge this year. Many were submitted to us from our participants and we’re proud to show off our community’s support of climate action in a variety of unique ways.

3. Media Mentions:

We were over the moon to see our third annual Jolly Green Challenge pickup some great media coverage this year. 

Including:  Alternatives Journal.

We were thrilled to see the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks  share our Jolly Green Challenge on LinkedIn.

4. Community Groups

We had a large variety of groups take part in Jolly Green. They ranged from:

  • Garden Groups
  • Transition Towns
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Student Groups
  • Outdoor Education Groups
  • Waste management organizations
  • Our Green Act Business Members & Staff
  • Environmental Groups
  • Political Groups
  • Gyms
  • Social Media Influencers
  • Pets

5. Our Business Member Participants

Our business members mean a great deal to us – they help support our mission and values through aligning with our community. We love when they participate in our challenges and get their staff invovled. It helps demonstrate the power of collective action.

6. Our Sponsors

We could NOT have done this without our wonderful “Santa’s Helpers”. A big thanks goes out to Nature’s Aid, Bumbini, Hub Labels, and Club Coffee for your generosity.

Here is more details about our sponsors:

Nature’s Aid: A natural skincare company that’s committed to providing exceptional, effective products. Products are made in Canada using ingredients from nature. 

Bumbini: Bumbini specializes in the best in cloth diapers and accessories for baby and moms! They carry all in one and all in two diapers, swim diapers, bibs, RLR laundry treatment and so much more!

Hub Labels: Whether you’re a beverage brewer, meat or poultry packager, health & beauty aid manufacturer or simply require promotional labels, Hub Labels has you, and your products, covered!

Club Coffee:  Club Coffee’s history is long and innovative and steeped in tradition. The C.C. team have searched the top coffee-growing regions of the world for the best coffee beans. They provide coffee programs to some of North America’s biggest brands, while exploring sustainable innovation. 


7. Positive Feedback

We were pleased with the positive feedback we had on various platforms. Although we are limited here to the amount we can showcase, below are a few examples of what people were saying about our challenge. We created a positive buzz!

8. Canada and Beyond

We were honoured to be see participants from coast-to-coast in Canada this year and some participants from overseas!

❄️ As individuals we are tiny snowflakes. Together we’re a winter wonderland! ❄️

Which of the green acts from this year’s Jolly Green Challenge will you continue to implement this year?