Is your New Year’s Resolution to ‘be more active’ or maybe it was to ‘learn a new skill?’

Here at Random Acts of Green we think that’s fantastic!  Studies have shown that stepping away from the laptop or TV and getting outside to take in some fresh air can have a multitude of physical and mental health benefits including (but definitely not limited to):

🌎  You get Vitamin D which is important for your bones, blood cells and immune system.

🌎  It lessens anxiety.

🌎  It can help you sleep (not just the exercise element, your eyes need enough light to keep your internal body clock in check).

🌎  It can help improve focus: studies have shown than ‘greenness’ can aid in better concentration.

Learning new skills can also have positive effects: picking up a new hobby or interest can adjust your brain chemistry which in turn speeds up your learning speed!

Enough with the science and down to the fun stuff! We’ve listed below some fun, innovative, outdoorsy, and wintery activities that RAOG Green Member, Yours Outdoors  (located in the Haliburton Highlands) are offering this wintertime. They are currently taking inquiries and shall contact you to officially book your adventure once the current lockdown is lifted: Feb. 12th 2021. Thereafter they have Covid precautions in place.


Join artist Harvey Walker in the observatory platform of the Wolf Centre at Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve for a beginner-level, step-by-step painting party, to capture the majestic wolves who call the Wolf Centre home


Snowga, snowshoeing and yoga together at last! Spend an hour exploring the beautiful trails at Abbey Gardens connecting with nature in mindful ways.  Your snowshoe trek ends at the serene and peaceful Abbey Retreat Centre (ARC) where you will unroll your mat indoors for more stress release.


A hike in showshoes through the Haliburton Sculpture forest with an engaging and knowedgable guide.


This snowshoe adventure will feature exceptional leaders who will introduce to snowshoeing basics and help you explore the ecology, heritage, and culture of the Haliburton Highlands.

Yours Outdoors is currently on lockdown until Feb. 12th 2021. You can contact the team at or via phone here: 705-754-3436 to register your interest in a course once lockdown is lifted.

Read more about Yours Outdoors and their winter activities here.

You can also follow Y.O here to ensure you’re up-to-date on their happenings throughout the year!

If do you try out any of the adventures from above, be sure to let us know!

If you’re not in Yours Outdoors isn’t accessible for you geogaphically,  have a quick Google and look for local outdoor adventure places near you.

We’d love to hear what you find!