What are the benefits of using Cloth Diapers?

According to Inkwood Research ,  the Global disposable diapers market is anticipated to grow from $55061 million in 2016 to $92254 million by 2024.

The growth of the industry is based on many factors, like changing lifestyles, increasing disposable income, and growing global healthcare expenses.

Babies use at least 10 diapers every day – for an average of 2 years.

The disposable diaper is extremely mainstream around the world because they are usually perceived as “easier” , “mess free”, and “cheaper” . They are an important product in any parent’s journey.

Are you worried about the impact that disposable diapers will continue to have on the planet for years to come?

Are you worried about the planet you’re leaving behind for your baby? 

It was revealed that about 20 billion pieces of the used diapers were dumped in landfills yearly, generating more than 3.5 million tonnes of diaper waste that require almost 500 years to be fully decomposed.

Convenience certainly comes at a price for your wallet and for our planet.

Parents seldom think about cloth reusable diapers as a viable alternative to disposables.

We’re here to convince you that Cloth Diapers are a good, reusable , and viable alternative to cloth diapers – with our Green Act Business Member , Bumbini Cloth Diapers.  

Reason 1: It’s in Our History

In ancient times, parents used:

  • animal skins or
  • milkweed leaf wrap

They were also resourceful with any natural resources (Source: Ching Khoo et al. ) as ways to diaper their children. Going back to our ancestral roots, it would do us all some good to learn from the past in order to move forward with positive ways to reuse. 

Reason 2: Incredible Savings 

These days, cash strapped parents have better things to spend money on. Instead of throwing away money (literally), you can invest in cloth diapers. Although there is an upfront costs, you’ll quickly recoup this! You can anticipate to save $1,800 for the first child and $2,400* for the second child. ($2,400 spent on disposable diapers v’s $600 on cloth diapers – $1800 in savings)

*This amount could skyrocket to $3,500 per year when purchasing premium, disposable brands at full cost.

Reason 3: Make Potty Training a Breeze

Disposable diapers often have absorbent polymers. They elminate moisure way from a child’s bottom to help keep them dry. Although this sounds advantageous, it isn’t because the baby can’t feel the weness to change the diaper. Cloth diapers can help prompt a baby to call for it’s parents when it feels wet – and it’ll help get it ready for potty training down the road.  

Reason 4: Cloth Diapering Reduces Waste

If you really want to reduce your single-use plastics don’t opt for disposable diapers. They harm our environment by sending 10-14 diapers daily straight to the landfill. 3.5 million tons of used disposable diaper waste ends up in the trash. Although disposables have become the norm, it hasn’t always been this way – and we can change the narrative. New parents can take the leap of faith and begin cloth diapering to help reverse all the damage that has been done with disposables since the 1990’s .

Reason 5: Cloth Diapers Have Come a Long Way

Although the perception of cloth diapering hasn’t changed much, the designs has. Modern cloth diapers have advanced dramatically. The designs are more functional and parents are pleasantly surprised with how easy it is. It’s time for our minds to catch up with the new world we live in – 2020 . Cloth Diapers have advanced just like many other things in our society over the year – and it’s time to challenge old ways of thinking about cloth diapers and adapt our mindsets to new models. 

Reason 6: Cloth Diapers are Healthier

Disposable diapers are white. To make them white, the company’s normally use bleach. This can lead to diaper rash and irritation. Although diaper rash can be caused by a multidue of factors, including a diaper being left on too long, yeast, or teething, dispoable diapers can actually irritate the child’s rash further. Using reusable cloth diapers can significantly reduce the chance of diaper rash as no harsh chemicals are used in cloth diapers.


That completes our list of the 6 reasons to use Cloth Diapers – but they are by no means the only ones.

At Random Acts of Green, we like to see progress over perfection.

There are several ways to get involved with the cloth diapering method, without fully committing to using cloth diapers full-time.

For example:

1. You can choose to use Cloth Diapers Full Time

2. You can choose to use Cloth Diapers Part Time

Whichever you choose, you can feel comfortable knowing that your actoins have made an impact on the planet by reducing waste.

To get you started, Bumbini Cloth Diapers has a separate “Starter Kit” of bundles.

There is also “Ecobear” bundles that include Duo Pocket Diapers.

We are grateful to have Bumbini Cloth Diapers as one of our sponsors this year of our Jolly Green Holiday Challenge. 

Parents- we hope you consider switching to cloth diapers!

What do you think? Answer below in the comments if you feel compelled to give cloth diapers a try.