With the holidays around the corner comes Random Acts of Green’s 3rd Annual “Jolly Green Challenge”.

Jolly Green encourages people to think about the impact their holiday actions have on our planet and encourages them to move beyond “just recycling” by exploring new ways to be green.

Globally at Christmas time, our waste levels increase by 25-30%.

With all the wrapping paper, glitter, decorations, electronic waste, holiday lights, and food waste, the planet needs our help. Since the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing us to rethink how we do almost everything, it’s time we rethink wasteful habits at Christmas, too.

Jolly Green provides a virtual way to celebrate the holidays in a green way, while keeping everyone engaged in climate action. 

Do YOU want to be on the Planet’s Nice List this year?  

Join us and participate in our virtual challenge.

Here is how you can participate in the Random Acts of Green Jolly Green Challenge this year:

  1. Cross off as many completed ornaments as possible.
  2. Tag @randomactsofgreen when you share your progress.
  3. Have a festive time!
  4. Send us photos of completed ornaments with CAMERAS.📷

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Many thanks to our 2020  Jolly Green™ challenge sponsors:
Hub Labels Inc.
 Club Coffee
Nature’s Aid 
Bumbini Cloth Diaper Company


Citizens, school boards, classrooms, offices and businesses are being encouraged to take the virtual Jolly Green Challenge during the month of December to inspire more people to take climate action. It offers a unique way to build awareness about things we can do for the planet, while also staying safe in uncertain times.

Both local and global environmental organizations (50+) are coming together to promote and participate in the online challenge including Green Learning Canada, For Our Kids, Protect our Planet, and Vancouver: The Greenest City


Random Acts of Green CEO, Jessica Correa, knows that fun challenges like this encourage and inspire people to take action.

“The Christmas season is full of light, joy, and cheer. But the dark side of the holiday season is that it is considered Earth’s Biggest Annual Environmental Disaster,” notes Jessica Correa, CEO with Random Acts of Green. “It doesn’t have to be like this, though. We can all act together to change wasteful traditions and rituals in favour of new ones that are not harmful to our shared home.”

“We are very excited to be supporting this year’s innovative and creative Jolly Green Challenge from Random Acts of Green,” says Mary McGrath, Executive Director of GreenLearning. “As an organization working to promote environmental literacy in Canada, we believe this challenge is a fantastic opportunity for people to learn about protecting the environment and is the perfect spark for real and lasting change.”


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