Random Acts of Green is a diverse and inclusive organization.

One of our promises is to be INCLUSIVE.

We stand for collective climate action for all – no matter your skin colour, occupation, or your income.

We believe everyone can take part in climate action – but fully acknowledge that some things are not as accessible for some people to participate in.

For example, vegan and vegetarian diets might not be feasible for some individuals due to dietary restrictions. Riding a bike may not be possible with people with physical limitations and so on.

We strive to provide a wide range of choices and ideas that anyone can participate in – so that there is something for everyone.


Here is what we’ve committed to:

  • Commit to having our staff learn more about anti-racism by watching documentaries / reading books/ listening to podcasts from varying perspectives and lived experiences
  • Commit to diversifying our personal feeds as employees of RAOG by following diverse climate action accounts
  • Commit to engaging with social media accounts that are led by diverse individuals
  • Commit to challenging others to diversify their feed via RAOG
  • Commit to showcasing and amplifying content that is diverse via the RAOG platform, while maintaining our commitment to climate action
  • Commit to making this a long-term goal – showcasing and including diverse content – not just while it’s a “hot topic” but all the time
  • Commit to talking more about intersectional causes on our platforms -as they have a climate action angle – including mental health, physical health, women empowerment, and anti-racism, etc.
  • Commit to strategically collaborating with intersectional climate action groups to be multi-dimensional
  • Commit to celebrating ambassadors, supporters, business members, and followers who are diverse in background
  • Commit fully and truly to our root cause to promote collective climate action while understanding and acknowledging we cannot solve every problem the world faces – but we can certainly play a part in being more inclusive where social causes intersect to protect our shared home, Mother Earth
  • Commit to understanding we aren’t perfect but will work harder to take steps to achieve a more inclusive and diverse platform­


    If you would like to partner with us on our diversity and inclusion efforts or have advice, we would love to hear from you!



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