You don’t need to necessarily hug trees in order to reap the many health benefits they provide – but it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Trees can feel like ancient grandparents – witnesses of history who have stood the test of time.

This past week, the Random Acts of Green Team had the opportunity to experience an intimate interaction with nature through a “Walk in the Clouds” with Yours Outdoors.

This 3-hour excursion along the longest suspended canopy boardwalk in the world had a profound impact on allowing our team to feel less stressed and more restored.

It helped us to pause, take a step back to laugh, relax, and enjoy being at heights 70ft above ground with tree canopies.

The tour allowed us to explore our senses, smell the fresh leaves, taste the air, see the tree ridges, feel their bark, and hear the wind whistle through the branches.

This outdoor excursion also taught us that trees are more complex than we realize.

Our tour guide, Ted, shared with us that they grow twice as fast during thunderstorms.

In addition, there are more ways trees benefit our overall lifestyles. 

  • Trees help us feel more restored 
  • Trees improve our health
  • Trees help reduce crime in neighbourhoods
  • Trees make us more generous and trusting

We are grateful we had the opportunity to spend time in the trees viewing the fall colours and getting to know each other better. It was a special afternoon to share a meal together. 

Sometimes we forget how important it is to take a day off work to just simply get outside and enjoy nature in new and adventorous ways. 

To laugh, have fun, tell stories, meet new people, and listen to music in the car if travelling.

We get busy with our day-to-day lives or we let the weather dictate our mood.

The trip with Yours Outdoors reminded us of why we do what we do at Random Acts of Green – and why the nature areas mean so much to us to protect.

If you are looking for something fun and COVID-19 friendly to do with your team or simply need a weekend getaway, we highly recommend an outdoor excursion with Yours Outdoors.

They implemented COVID-19 protocols by enforcing a “Masks Up” rule in close-contact situations; sanitizing equipment; avoiding close contact in vehicles; and spacing out guests on the board walks.

Thank you to Barrie and Ted for your hospitality in Haliburton forest and we hope many others take a much needed day off to relieve stress and just “be” with nature!


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