We’ve all been struggling with finding things to do this summer because of COVID-19. 

One activity that has been deemed “low-risk” is camping with small groups of people.

Campgrounds have been steadily booked up and people are returning to local tourism. We are being reminded of how beautiful nature is – in our own backyard at home. 

We’ve compiled this list of eco-friendly camping essentials for you to check out to take along with you on your next trip.


Keeping food “fresh” when you’re on the road can be challenging. No one likes stale sandwhiches while camping! But a beeswax wrap from Abeego can do the trick – and you’ll have fresh tasting food for the whole trip. 

Bring your own cutulery is certainly a wise idea. Many campsites are fraught with disposables because of their “convenience” but we can change that, can’t we?! Try a reusable bamboo set from Earth Warrior Lifestyle.

Say goodbye to plastic heavy bottles and hello to shampoo and conditioner bars from Nature’s Aid!

These are easy to use and easy to pack- a win-win-win for our nature-lovers out there!

Another great thing to pack would be toothpaste tablets and a bamboo toothbrush from the Ardent Earth Store. We have to keep our teeth clean, even in the woods – but we can certainly skip the plastic tube and brush.

No need for a plastic bottle – make sure you pack a reusable option to refill while your out to stay hydrated. There are some great options available from The Green Jar. 

Along with the summer heat comes sweaty armpits. But there’s no need for the plastic packaging. There are compostable natural deodarant alternatives from TWIG to ensure you smell good -without harming the planet. 

Spending time outdoors can turn anyone into a hungry, hungry hippo! Try out a reusable snack pouch from Demain Demain and be inspired by the fun designs for your next healthy snack.

Ah yes- those pesky skeeters biting your ankles is not a fun part of camping – and nor is the feeling of harsh smelling chemical-heavy bug spray on your skin. Why not opt for a eco-friendly alternative from Simply Natural Canada? Made from hazel + apple cider vinegar, this spray will definitely help you keep the bugs away.

Scrapes and falls are common when exploring the great outdoors. If you don’t have your water shoes, you can step on a shell or a rock, or you can easily scrape your knee on a branch out hiking. Make sure you pack a first-aid kit with compostable band-aids inside from Patch Strips to help heal those minor wounds!