Looking for boredom busters for the kids at home?

Check out these low-maintenance easy-peasy creative projects you can get started with! 

What have you been crafting? Let us know and we’d be happy to add your ideas.

 1. Bright Branches

This art project is easy. Out on your next walk, bring back medium-size branches for the base. Next, invite the kids to wrap yarn, ribbon, and even pipe cleaners around the branch!  You can spice things up with pom poms and other crafty materials that you have on hand too.  Practice colour coordination with stripes and you can even place them in the kid’s rooms once complete. Inspiration & Image from Parent.Com

2. Birdseed Feeders

Make your own bird seed feeders! With some birdseed, unflavoured gelatin, corn syrup, water, cookie cutters, and twine, you can make beautiful looking bird feeders to hang outside this spring and summer. You may even get a chance to meet some new friends – it is magical watching them come by to grab a bite to eat! Inspiration & image One Little Project:

3. Leafy Animals

Who said animals can’t be leafy? No one! Try out this super easy idea and use your imagination to envision animal ears, legs, tails, eyes, and more using leaves. You can also frame these for a decoration or give them away on cards as gifts in the future! Inspiration & Image: Cool Mom Picks


4. Nature Paint Brush

Can’t go out to the store to get art supplies? Make your own. All you need is a bunch of twigs, string, twine, pine needles, spruce needles, or even tree buds. There are so many pictures you’ll be able to paint and using a nature-inspired brush might just inspire you to design beautiful landscapes! Inspiration & Image from :  Apple Green Cottage

6. Rock Art

We all need glimpses of inspiration and hope these days. You’d be amazed at what you can create with some rocks and paint. Perhaps you spread positive and uplifting quotes around your neighbourhood with some rock art – leave a positive note for your neighbour or friend on their porch! Photo : Alleluia Rocks 



Thanks for reading!