You may have heard of the recent “Shampoo Bar” trend.

But if you’re like many others, you might be skeptical to make the switch from your “regular” liquid shampoo in a plastic bottle.

We’ve provided 10 great reasons you should give a Simply Natural Canada (SNC) shampoo bar a try.

1. We used them “Back in the Day”

Did you know that shampoo bars were actually the norm before bottled shampoos became popular in the 1940’s?

This means it is in our history to use them!

Next time you speak to a grandparent, ask them about it!

2. Shampoo Plastic Bottles Aren’t Getting Recycled

Technically you can rinse a shampoo bottle and recycle it.

But what happens when it leaves your curbside?

Here are some numbers that might shock you:

  • More than 552 million shampoo bottles could be ending up in landfills every year
  • The number of shampoo bottles thrown out yearly in the United States alone could fill 1,164 football fields; and
  • Only 1 in 5 people consistently recycle items from the bathroom

There is a strong environmental case to give a SNC shampoo bar a try! 


3. Help Save Money

Typically, a shampoo bar lasts longer than liquid shampoos.

This means you won’t need to replace them as frequently, saving your wallet from purchasing liquid shampoo more often.

4. Save space in the shower

If you have a small shower, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of bottles on your shelves.

Shampoo bars take up far less space and keep a more organized shower!

5. No Liquid Disasters!

If you’ve ever had a “liquid” disaster in your gym or travel bag, you can kiss this problem goodbye.

A shampoo bar won’t leak – making it safe to travel with anywhere.

6. Convenient to use

No more slimy bottles with difficult tabs to open.

All you need to do is grab a bar and lather up!

8. Natural shampoo bars are fully biodegradable

If you’ve ever tried breaking down a plastic shampoo bottle, you wouldn’t have any luck.

An SNC vegan shampoo bar is safe for waterways and animals as they are made of all natural ingredients.


9. They are really no different than liquid shampoo!

Over 95% of shampoos and conditioners are in liquid form – but shampoo bars just come in bar form (without the added water). They serve the exact same purpose: to cleanse and benefit your hair and scalp. They are made to remove dirt, moisturize + keep your hair clean. 

10. No Artificial Fragrances

Some shampoos cause skin irritations and allergies. A Simply Natural Canada shampoo bar is made entirely from a few, natural, simple ingredients, like essential oils that contain antibacterial and antifungal properties that help eliminate bacteria that causes dandruff on hair strands