This past September, Random Acts of Green embarked on a Canadian Cross-Country tour to deliver the message to Canadians from coast-to-coast that climate action is important – and there are a lot of things we can all do.

The primary objective of the tour was to spread the message of urgency -and to change the conversation from doom and gloom into hope and action.

Although the negative news about climate change cannot be ignored, we know that this can make people feel helpless, hopeless, and frustrated, leading to feelings of ecological-grief, anxiety, and fear.

Instead, the Climate Action Tour focused on things we as individuals can do about climate change – all while sewing a community thread of collective action – what we, as a group, as a whole, as a country, can do to help.

At Random Acts of Green, we want to bring people together . We want to build a common understanding that we all have a part to play – in combination with governments and corporations.

No Green Act is too small, no person is too young or too old, and no effort should ever go unnoticed. We’re here to INSPIRE YOU – not to judge you for things out of your control, actions that aren’t possible for you to take, or for your starting point on your green journey.

On our trip, trends became very evident in every province: people were enthusiastic about the ideas presented. Smiles, nods, and laughter were seen and heard – all with a strong underlying sense of seriousness and urgency.

Common conversations took place about the importance of raising awareness about things people could do, recruiting different audiences to come together, and reaching beyond individual action to showcase the power of collective action.

We learned that most people are feeling concerned about recent headlines and want to do more.

On the way, we were fortunate to make stops to visit various university and college campuses from coast-to-coast. We met new people who were just as concerned about our planet as we are. We decided to capture positive stories along the way to help showcase that action is happening and that more momentum is needed.

Charlottetown PEI

To kick off the tour, Efficiency PEI hosted us for a Lunch and Learn Session. They are a group of dedicated energy stars working toward renewable power and highlighting the importance of electric vehicles

We also spotted a large amount of Green Acts while in Charlottetown! We met with a group helping to reduce food waste at the largest urban farm in Canada; a Pedestrian Only street; a large beehive; the Plastic-Bag Ban out in PEI; a Tool Library, and another group Happy Ocean PEI who was happy to even provide gifts and positive energy at our events.

“Thank you for creating the tool for individuals to be more mindful of the daily behaviour and its impact on the planet and beings. Thank you for touring Canada to bring awareness in climate change. Keep up the good work. Happy Ocean has learned a lot from your group.” – Happy Ocean, PEI

Fredericton, New Brunswick

We made a stop next at St. Thomas University to a group of university students, interested in discovering how they could make a bigger impact on campus. Other community groups working hard to encourage climate action were in attendance, including the Gaia Project.

Sackville, New Brunswick

Over at Mount Allison University, we brought together engaged citizens and community members and had meaningful discussions. It was exciting to see that the audience had groups from various different generations, including children and the elderly.

I brought my grandfather who decided after that he is going to start using reusables and cut out as much meat from his diet as he can. Good luck on the rest of the tour!Attendant at Mount Allison University

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Riding the waves of climate action, we visited Acadia University to deliver our message there, too. All while taking a breather down by the ocean – just to note what we are, and need to be, fighting for. An attendant in the travel industry wondered how to move forward to offset emissions effectively.

Loved your message! Great approach and great attitude towards a demanding topic.” – Attendant

Wolfville, Nova Scotia

Visiting beautiful Wolfville, Nova Scotia it was clear that students and the community they lived in wanted to do whatever they could to protect the Annapolis Valley from the negative effects of climate change.

The session was very informational and eye-opening. Thank you for essentially empowering people with knowledge, to fight for their future.” –Attendant

Winnipeg, Manitoba

In Winnipeg, we visited both The University of Manitoba and The University of Winnipeg for two lively Climate Action Events with both students and community members from Winnipeg.

Regina, Saskatchewan

We visited the University of Regina and were met with warm welcomes from the student union. In addition, the hospitality of this group ensured we didn’t miss our bus ride to the net event!

I really appreciate the mind set that Random Acts of Green promotes. I have been feeling very isolated, fearful and helpless. I live in a rural community where most people don’t believe that climate change is even real! I sometimes get really upset and my husband tells me that I need to do something about climate change if I’m that worried but I didn’t know what I could do. This helps enormously. ” – Attendant

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Moving west, we visited Saskatoon and were met with warm welcome from a group called Saskatoon Cycles. Journeying through Saskatoon via bike, we were amazed with the beauty of Saskatoon and the various cycling lanes that existed to make a switch to active transportation.

“I like the positivity of your presentation and the app.” Attendant

Red Deer, Alberta

In Red Deer Alberta, we held events at Red Deer College and Kerry Wood Nature Centre. It was exciting to see progress taking place on college campuses as well as more education and programming through the nature centre.

You presentation was excellent. It was a wonderful combination of inspiration, education and fun. There’s always more to learn and do.”Attendant

Calgary, Alberta

In Calgary, we were fortunate to be able to visit the University of Calgary and the Southern Alberta Institute for Technology. We even were able to attend a Climate Strike in Calgary while we were there!

“Very inspiring, it helps everyone know that every change we make helps. And being a good role model will inspire others to change for the environment. Attendant

Burnaby, British Columbia

In British Columbia, we met with the Simon Fraser University’s Student Union to host our event. We were pleased to hear about many of their Green Acts on campus, including a returnable lunch container at their cafeterias to help reduce waste.

Thanks for the enthusiasm and positive presentation .”

Overall, the tour was a great success and a very memorable experience. We feel as if the impact made will have lasting effects on all those we met along the way and we hope to continue hosting Climate Action Events well into the future to reach as many people and places as possible.

Although we still have some more Canadian places to visit, such as Ontario, Quebec, and Newfoundland, we are actively searching for additional resources to get there and to host these important sessions.

If you’d like us to visit your city or town, please do contact us at

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