Random Acts of Green is proud to be a key partner in the Peterborough Humane Society’s upcoming fundraising walk, Strutt Your Mutt 2019.
The walk is taking place on September 22nd at Beavermead Park in Peterborough, Ontario.

The Humane Society has incorporated several new initiatives to keep this special event GREEN and low impact!

1) There will be water dispensing systems instead bottled water.
All walkers are encouraged to BYOWB – bring your own water bottle

2) Participants are encouraged to car pool, walk or cycle to the event
3) The Humane Society will be handing out earth-rated doggo bags
4) Little Strutt Your Mutt temporary tattoos, made from vegetable ink will be available to honor the event without sending waste to the landfill
5) The BBQ will have a vegetarian option available
6) Promotions and fundraising for the event are mainly online rather than paper-based pledge sheets

The walk is, however, not the Peterborough Humane Society’s only attempt to be more green!

PHS strives to reuse, reduce and recycle what they can within their shelter!

Some of the GREEN ACTS implemented in the current shelter facility include:

Here sits Lil’ Girl on an upcycled knitted blanket and with an upcycled knitted toy!

● Upcycled pet toys and blankets
● They also accept gently used toys, bowls, blankets, and towels for the animals
● Donations of shoe boxes, which are used for cat beds, are accepted. These can be recycled after use!
● The Humane Society helps to reduce pet overpopulation through their spay/neuter services to the animals in their care
● They have a thrift store and accept donations of clothes, linen and household items, which are then resold
● There is a donation-based used pet clothing area in the shelter, ensuring that Fido’s too tight jacket does not end up in the bin!
● Online newsletters to cut down on paper waste
● Shredded documents are used for small animal bedding
● They receive donations of old newspapers which are reused for small animal bedding

The Humane Society is currently fundraising for the new Peterborough Animal Care Centre, which will set the standard for animal welfare in Canada.

The new building will include several green aspects, such as:

● A green roof across the front of the building, which will improve the thermal capacity of the building and provide an area for stormwater to penetrate
● Landscaping will feature native plants that promote biodiverstity
● The centre will be solar ready
● There will be small ponds at the front of the centre to catch and retain some stormwater
● A medical-grade HVAC to mitigate the spread of infection and keep their animals healthy. The system will use natural gas and will include an energy recovery ventilator

Join Random Acts of Green at the Peterborough Humane Society’s Strutt Your Mutt event on September 22nd at Beavermead Park in Peterborough, Ontario! Register online at https://secure.qgiv.com/event/strutt2019/register/