Ohhhh Canada!

We have some exciting news.

We are heading out on a 🍁CANADIAN TOUR IN SEPTEMBER🍁 to energize Canadians and businesses to take climate action.

In April, we were excited to announce federal funding from Canada’s Climate Action Fund to widen our reach and impact across the country – from coast-to-coast.

We are visiting major cities in Canada to build the “eco-buzz” about how you, yes YOU, as one person… one Canadian …. can participate in more Green Acts.

Random Acts of Green® is changing the climate conversation from doom and gloom to hope and action – and we are attracting support and inspiring millions of people across Canada in September.

Will you join us?

If you:

  • Pick up litter
  • Plant trees
  • Recycle weekly


And get ready for more!

We have a lot more ideas to spread across the country – and we’ll be bringing them to your region!

If you’re curious to find out more …..

If you know the planet needs your help…

Join in on our Canadian Tour.

We know more and more Canadians are feeling a sense of loss, helplessness and frustration because they believe that one person on a planet of billions can’t do anything about climate change.

So, let’s change the message!

Climate change needs to become a priority in our decisions about what you eat, how you move, and what you buy.

We need to remain positive – but face the reality:

  • We need to cut global emissions of greenhouse gases by 2030 by half.
  • Climate change is shrinking glaciers faster than previously thought.
  • Canada is warming at twice the rate of the rest of the world.
  • 55 Canadian cities and more than 395 municipalities have declared a CLIMATE EMERGENCY.
  • We know that the U.N. Climate Change Report stated we only have 11 years left to save the planet.

Here at Random Acts of Green, we aren’t asking a handful of people to be completely perfect – rather, we are asking the 37 million people living in Canada to incorporate small changes in their lives – which add up to big collective impacts.

Whether you’re a nurse, a police officer, or a hockey player, you can:

  • Install a rain barrel tomorrow
  • Refuse a single-use plastic item at the grocery store
  • Reuse a coffee mug
  • Carpool with friends on your next road trip
  • Eat a Meatless Meal once a week

We know these changes are helping make a difference.

Why get involved? Because climate change is everyone’s problem – and we can all be a part of the solution, starting now.

Here’s how you can get involved and join in on our Canadian Tour in September!

Here is how you can get started with us;

  1. Come out to one of the local events when we are in your region (Dates to be Determined)
  2. Download the Random Acts of Green App
  3. Log your Green Acts weekly
  4. Use the App list of Green Acts to learn more about what you can do!
  5. Support Random Acts of Green & our business vendors by redeeming points for discounts on environmentally friendly products/services/experiences – or gift them to friends/ family!
  6. Join our online Random Acts of Green ambassador community by sending us pictures & stories of their Green Acts, & those of local businesses
  7. Recommend businesses who would be ideal Green Act Business Members 

We promise to leave you feeling there is hope for change.

We promise to be the reason you either start, restart or continue your sustainability journey with more ambition than ever before.

We promise to build the eco-momentum and speak to both the eco-curious and eco-conscious across the country!

Confirmed Tour Dates: Follow the links for Eventbrite tickets

September 9 – Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Efficiency PEI and University of PEI

September 10 – Fredericton, New Brunswick (St. Thomas University)

September 11 – Sackville, New Brunswick (Mount Allison University)

September 12 – Halifax, Nova Scotia (Dalhousie University)

September 13 – Wolfville, Nova Scotia (Acadia University)

September 16 – Winnipeg, Manitoba
University of Winnipeg and University of Manitoba

September 17 – Regina, Saskatchewan (University of Regina)

September 18 – Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (University of Saskatoon)

September 19 – Red Deer, Saskatchewan
Red Deer College and Kerry Wood Nature Centre

September 20 – Calgary, Alberta
University of Calgary and Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

September 23 – Burnaby, British Columbia (Simon Fraser University)

Stay tuned for more details as this tour unfolds!